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Fake news has become the new buzz word, however should the same be applied to sport, music and the film industry? In reality it appears that everything broadcast on the TV is intended to control you in some way, either to control what you think or how you spend your time and money.

I cancelled my cable subscription many years ago and soon lost interest in the sport, I have very little exposure to any marketing now other than subliminal messages. You have to cut from the brainwashing to be aware of it.

There are two TV''s in my communal gym and usually the "news" or a sports channel is playing and I feel no emotional connection to either while I see others around me mesmerized by the broadcast. Without any emotional connection the broadcast soon becomes meaningless regardless of the channel, what difference does it really make which team throws the ball into the basket?, those guys are making millions of dollars, what are you getting out of it?, they will switch teams as soon as more money is put on the table. 

It appears that all the celebrities have political opinions and corporate sponsors, they market products that you know they are not consuming themselves, especially the food and drink. Celebrities are also used by politicians and the media to influence the public, you know the usual suspects.

It appears to me that many people calling out "fake news" are actually still brainwashed as they were not aware of it until it became a catchphrase, which in itself is an interesting word.  The fraud does not end with one news channel, whatever channel you are watching, ask yourself, what are they actually selling you?

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many people making alot of money just by spreading lies and fake news, just to sell their magazines or get views and .. and...


yep, just follow the money.

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