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India has retained Asia cup title. It’s great way to win, when you can’t do anything in Olympic or football. India beat Bangladesh by three wickets. Still there’s too many people in third world countries who like to watch cricket.

President Donald Trump has ordered to FBI to investegiate Kavanaugh case. It’s now more than a week this news on top headlines.

Four Pakistani are in Final of Asian. Finance Minister of Pakistan will addresses UNGA today. UNGA is United Nations General Assembly. People are die in city PALU because of earthquake and Tsunami. Three hundred eighty-four people are die. In the world there is flood situation.

President Donald Trump will come India tour. President Donald Trump is excited because his going for India's tour.

India Vs Russia will summit. Indian Prime minister will invite to Donald trump at Republicday.


CEO of Facebook has said that accounts are effected by the security issuese. It’s now all need to understand that database is a great assets. Fifty million accounts are effected by security issuses. It’s great security breach. Facebook is already facing data related criticism and now this kinda attacks.

Engineering team has discover on security issuese. That’s why most of people need to login again. The hackers has stolen the login Facebook code. Few people has comment on this news such as Tim Bryant, Robin Tucker and Stelio Larders. The users of Face book has said all the data has been lost.

Mark Zuckerberg is CEO said that company do not no about misused of Facebook and hack of data. Vice president of Facebook has said that no Cr card or other information has been hack from Facebook accounts. It’s safe to hear it that no such issues. It creates the impression that the element incidentally uncovered Facebook security tokens when somebody chose a profile as the coveted View As target.

Lindsey graham is senator of Republican Party. USA spent long history on anti Russia sentiments. He says that all allegation, are blackmail by russian. Too many political leaders just make their political carriers by hating Russia. All allegation are testify. All this accuses are accurate.

They claim about the blackmail has no sence said by Lindsey graham. Kavanaugh is saying that never had sexsual Harrasment with anyone it's true.

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