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Alyssa Milano is an actress has said that our stories are not rare it's an sad ending commonly. HashTag goes viral. Jennifer Korey has tweeted she was only 15 has took a years to understand. I never had sexual harassment with anyone said by Kavanaugh. President Trump has promises to meet with Kim-Jong.


The total value of goods and services in 2016 is One hundred forty-four billion dollar. Now new trends begin by Trump to put tariff war to whole globe. The Trade is done in between two countries: America and South Korea.

America tariffs on South Korea, the trucks will increased 25%. Previously USA done with China and Turkey. South Korea will export will accepted by the America. Donald Trump has said that It's an great deal and and big day for South Korea. The new deal will open in the market said by Trump.

America and South Korea has has done the agreement to do this deal but the Japan is cancelling this deal. President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and President Donald Trump has signed the has signed this deal. Japan's Prime minister and Donald Trump is meet on Sunday and talk about the trade and investment. Trump says that we'd help to Japan and again we'll help and created a strong relationship with them.


Russia investigation hang in balance. ROD Rosenstein is Deputy Attorney General in United State has meets to President Trump on Thursday talks about his amid questions fate in the administration.

ROD Rosenstein and Donald trump has extended the conversation and discuss the new stories. President Donald trump has said that it's sad story which the people are obviously. He also said that I'll not comment until i don't have any facts. Trump said he had not chosen what to do about Rosenstein.

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