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We can't find any data that they are helping to women.

France now not considering USA as reliable partner, may be reasonably Trump is responsible for this kinda change. Many countries able to find that USA is only interested in its growth and nothing to do with global improvements. Company of Apple has donated the one Million dollars to red cross. Russia bank has rise the rates of interest.

Tropical storm Florence

Monster storms and Florence in America and Asia. In this monster five people were die. The speed of wind is 60 MPH and Storm moving is WSW 5 MPH. The rescues team is fighting with heavy wind and protecting the people. In America there was high alter. The people of California has live their houses before starting the flood. All people carry their food with them and rescues themselves by shifting one place to another. Not only the people are effected by the Monster but animals are also effected. This all is happen in America. But On the other hand in India there was also flood situation created. In California people houses are wreck, destroy and damage all. In Monster Storm few people are die. There is only hope of rescues team who are protecting the people and taking the risk on themselves.


Police of France has ban the lesbians parents calling baby boy AMBRE. This case is know in the court. The Breton department of Morbihan doesn't understand they banned that they are naming their child. The baby was born in January. Guardians have likewise been prohibited from giving their child customary Breton names. The names had letters that don't exist in the French dialect. The Government said that pick responsible name. The name should be choose by the vowels and all will right.

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Almost everyone i know wants to go to America. I guess it is a nice place to visit

America has always been known to be a country whose government and citizens are interested in global development. I hope they still have that motivation in their hearts

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