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Sweden elections became part of today’s national news. There’s also sad news about plane crash and knife attack in Paris.


Immune Deficiency Foundation is IDF has shot to 16 years old Palestinian. From decades there’s issues of violence in this country. Mother of Palestinian says that "I know he is not alive Now". The Eyewitness said that The 16 year of boy was peaceful but they shouldn't be Pity on little child and killed him. He don't deserve to Die. We will again repeat that the area. Israel Gaza security is an unsafe. Those who revolt the bomb, grenades in this area and attacks to try in Israel are standing in a sides and watching what they are doing. They are putting all the lives in risk. This is statement of IDF. At Gaza Border of Israel one soldiers and some children are killed. In Israel they explosion tablet and the result in death.


KIM JONG has written the letter personal to President Donald Trump in positive way and the letter is an elegant way. Now there’s positive gestures from North Korea. Few months ago Kim Jong has wrote the letter to trump and send it to White house for summit meeting. Trump has said hundreds times that no missiles, no rockets, no nuclear testing. Mike Pompeo says that did the letter is received by the Donald trump from Kim jong. Donald Trump interview, says that we both improve the relation between us. North-Korea is celebrating the Massive Military parade 70th anniversary. Kim Jong has send the letter to come and celebrate his anniversary. This both countries are making the good relationship.

Today's News Summary

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