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President Donald trump says that I want FBI probe in Kavanaugh case. This news already prolonged to a month. The ivestigation Kavanaugh case in under the FBI. President Donal Trump's lawyer says all accuses are 100% wrong. The allegation is fraud tax and evasion. President Trump used the tax schemes to grow the fortune from his parents.

Amazon has announced fifteen dollars per hour for employee. In USA all rules are ok but when these companies work at Asian countries then no such rules strictly followed. Amazon said that it's an minimum wages.

South Korea said to North Korea should have as many as sixty weapons.

The debate on Finance supplementary is continues.

Islamabad high court has given the verdict on Avenfield Reference.


In end 2019 the women should be required on public companies. There’s still fights for women right all over America. Minimum required is one in public company Since 2019. Two or Three women are required in the public companies since 2021.

For their rights the women are on road. they we want our right against doing job. According to Women Law in California more female has required and doing jobs. In California's Senate bill no. is 826 for fine increases up to three lakh dollar.

Senior Vice President Jennifer Barrera said that it is challenge for women while achieving diversity goal. This was causes the anarchy in workplace. Diversity is not in California. Only California is state where all rights re given to females.


Goggle is responsible for selling the fake sites advertising. Goggle says we haven't allow the promotions of products which are designed to enable dishonest behavior. Goggle may face drama regulation.

Jessica Rowe is journalist in Australia. She frustrated because of the goggle is giving fake ads of her. Other celebrities has scam using INTERNET. so what happens is the point at which an association purchases publicizing space, they regularly get it for a suite of destinations, they get it for time-zones, or times that may be totally arbitrary.

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