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There’s international news about USA to close Palestinian office as it’s main agenda to make better relationships with Israel is not negotiated while America always tried for it.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini
Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini of Ita understand the language of money. But there’s huge issues of migrants to Europe specially to Italy. Matteo Salvini prime minister of Italy is creating the great relationship with Europe. He said that I'm not against Europe country but if they favor with me then live in freedom is choice for an individual. She is coming with open conversation. The pervious prime minister has claim that regardless of the brutal feedback of the EU relocation strategy. He doesn't concur that his nation is administered by a 'hostile to EU' government. The Europe countries has to close their borders and send the 50,000 people back in their country. Italy has taken the decision to close the sea port and stop the entries of NGO recuse ship.


President Donald Trump is handling his job in good way. It’s very strange that he never gets media approval and it’s very true with latest surveys too. He got approval is 36% and disapproval is 58%. Donald Trump opinion is 61% unfavorable and favorable 36%. Coming elections may prove validity of these surveys. Trump is spending the lot of time in public lecture. Particularly surveys evaluating the general population's endorsement of the activity the President is doing.

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