Indian Teacher News June 7, 2019

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Indian Teacher News June 7, 2019

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Punjab Public Service Commission reveals Punjabi Mother Language

School Heads Recruitment Examination in English only

Complaint gets written to PPSC Language Department

The date of issue of Form 16 issued by Anjali on July 10

Signal ITR filling will increase

The amount of good news JRF 1 and SRF

Specific guest teachers will get 5000 hours per hour

Changes in the rules of teacher recruitment to improve the quality of education

Letters to UGC Universities to be sent to the Roster of vacant posts in the next 6month from existing vacant posts.

Instructions given to the Central and State Governments

Correct the entire education system Supreme Court

Akhilesh and Dimple highly respect my non-political relationship will always be my

NDA will release good exam results today

Admission through MCC
94% of women in favor of the government's plan

48% of women in metro travel everyday

Only 2 percent said wrong decision

For the best results in the exam

Education Minister honors in charge of five districts

Working as a department officer and teacher team

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