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India headlines are People can easily get out their PF by online. PF is assets for common people, so its delivery must be smooth. E-Commerce will jumped in the market. Already they provided cutting edge to Indian markets. If you try any electronic items online is much cheaper. In India electricity car will launched in 2020. It will be booming year for automobile in India. Again petrol rates are increased. There’s almost no control over petroleum products. It's rates are Rs. 80 only in some states while more than 85 in some of states. RBI is Reverse Bank Of India has changed the rules for torn notes. He said torn Notes or Rs 2000, 20, 50 or other notes are going to change by RBI. Vice -President of HDFC bank is missing in Mumbai. India has huge problem with torn currency notes. In India still there's too much use of cash currency.

Global Mobility Summit

This report is about the Global Mobility Summit. In India there's great scope of mobility as there's to much to do on it. Indian Prime minister initiated Indian first move summit at Delhi of Capital of India and this was organized by the NITI i.e. National Institution for Transforming India. PM is personally concerned with this Yojana and see future prospectus of it. In this organization Prime minister has given the speech and set down the 7C's. These 7C's are Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean and Cutting Edge. India has huge problem of Infrastructure and it can be first step in it. The Prime minister says that mobility I can diminish the transportation issues and traffic problems. Mobility will improves the economy of the India. While initiate global mobility the people will gets the many profits providing the jobs to the generations. Prime minister has also says that electric vehicles will be in 2020 with Toyota. India now spend too much on petroleum products.

Rahul Gandhi

In this report Rahul Gandhi will goes to Dubai in October. Now he's in Kailash Mansarovar yatra of which tweets and videos published in previous days. He is doing many things keeping eye on coming elections. Soft Hinduism is new way to attract votes instead of secularism. Rahul Gandhi is an President of national congress party and wholesome responsibility on him to make party win in elections of 2019. According to sources Stadium is booked for his tour it's somewhat in Modi's Style to present himself in public. At last of the October Rahul Gandhi will go for the tour. President of Congress Journey tour at Kailash Mansarovar for 12-15 days and then they goes for Dubai.

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Good to see that you are posting Indian news on STEEMIT. So that other country people will also get the latest updates.

it was good news for how workes I privet sector...15.23 lakh crore rupees are the recovery by RBi. Total money 15.34 core, where is the black money...

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