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On today’s day in history, Mahatma Gandhi and Babasahib Ambedkar has signature on Poona Pact. This signature was done in 1932.

Fuel prices has increased petrol price 11RS and Diesel 15RS has increased. Within a few weeks so much increase.

Prime minister has Inauguration of Sikkim Airport. Heavy rainfall in Kerala.

SSC can applied online. The last date is 30th September. The written test will done on Computer. Student will has give answer in fix time. The answer time is fixed allotted by the examiner. Indian GDP is 6.5-7.5%.

Rafale War

In press conference BJP i.e Bharatiya Janata Party has Comparison congress party with Pakistan. Bharatiya Janata Party says that Pakistan and Rahul Gandhi wants to remove Modi from the Chair of Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi has said that Narendra Modi should not next Prime minister.

On other hand Pakistan is also saying same thing. Rahul gandhi has make fun of Surgical strike said by BJP. Pakistan is given the tag to Rahul Gandhi's tweet. Rahul gandhi has war on opposition while saying Narendra Modi won’t be next Prime minister of India. He also said that your economy has fallen down because of currency ban.

Pakistan and Gandhi are equal. Sambit Patra is saying that what is common in Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan.


Army chief talk with Pakistan. Indian army chief is saying it's best time to reply Pakistan's terrorists. General Bipin Rawat is an Indian Chief has said these words.

Pakistan Prime minister has made scathing attack for Indian government. Pakistanis just couldn't deal with the level of detest being tossed at them.

Today's News Summary

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sambit patra kuch bi kehe dete he....