Report : This is the best smartwatch for users

in news •  3 years ago 


Focused in the recent period and significantly different digital world companies wearables technology, especially smart watch, and despite the fact that this technology is still relatively in its infancy, but many users have expressed their attachment to these devices and gave their opinion on the best smart watch for them. Studies "JD Power" Office conducted a study on the extent of user satisfaction about the experience smart watch of different brands, and this study aimed to nearly 2696 participants had the acquisition of smart-hour during the past 12 months, and have been building their convictions on a range of parameters, including hardness time and battery capacity and duration of permanence in addition to price and technical advantages etc. The study, which depends on the dotting of 1000 points indicated that the hour Apple "Apple Watch" won the most number of Likes a total of 852 points out of 1000, as befell hours Samsung smart company behind rival narrowly where she received a total of 842 points.
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