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Roger Stone has told Infowars that he's been told Trump will be gone by December. In this interview, he and Alex Jones discuss the means by which that might happen. I suggest this sort of thing be viewed in the context of General Albert Pike's Letter to Mazzini, for the most understanding of what is actually "fomenting."

To be clear on my own stance, I have no stake in the matter. I made my exodus from Mystery Babylon long before Trump ran for President, but this is a global issue deliberately cultivated to generate a long-term result that goes above and beyond whatever you may interpret from Pike's letter and/or biblical prophesy. I work for God's Kingdom so in my mind, this is a bit like having an eye on foreign affairs.

On one hand, one could say such statements have been made since Trump's incumbency, both by political and legal means or by the actual potential that someone would seek to assassinate Trump. I recall many statements claiming he would not survive last year from various onlookers.

On the other hand, repeated and delayed threats do not at all suggest a nonexistent threat. It is quite likely that someone from one faction or another will at least attempt it. If viewed in the context of Pike's method, the political or literal assassination of a polarizing president like Trump would be an effective public spectacle to act as an explosion point within the social cataclysm. If done tactfully in tandem with the other ingredients to that kind of perfect storm, it would not act as a mere lit fuse, it would be the wide blast lighting a dry social forest.


The left has made itself an obvious recipient of blame should such a thing occur, but let's not forget that left and right are part of the same coin, held by the same hand.

Of course, keeping Trump around could also make the path to social cataclysm a straight one, as the boogyman the Left needs to radicalize against.

Factoring that, it seems more of a question of who to radicalize first. Left or right? Both could be moved to force under very similar conditions at the moment, but whoever ignites second will most likely burn harder.

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Cowards in Congress probably won't impeach The Leader by then.

The 25th Amendment seems more likely, given The Leader's mental instability.

But it's not as if Pence has all of his marbles either.

Never seen so much push to get a president out of office. Truly amazing.

Feels like the more people "say" these events that they just won't happen. Like the spark is there every time but the more people bring them to light they just go away.


I've noticed that as well. The biggest events are usually the ones which, if predicted at all, got no publicity.

Truly America is Satan's kingdom.

Well, we shall see soon what will happen.

I could never have imagined in my lifetime that the government would act in such ways. When I started researching and understanding more of what was going on, I was in denial that governments all across were so corrupt and not on the same page. Sad we cannot just "all get along" at this point, even within government.

He must be doing something right. However, I enjoy your writing. Thank you, sir.

Gone huh? We know he's going to be the last president, and was depicted in the Illuminati Card Game as being assassinated... It will only be a matter of time before this war begins and Babylon falls...