The Gulf Unrest

in news •  last year 

The Middle East has always been the center for global unrest most probably because of its fossil fuel reserves and their economic importance.The west world powers play different terror oriented games from time to time to gain political as well as millitary control directly or indirectly.My concern of posting it here is only in favour of loss of humanity and prevalent bloodshed.Beyond all the self oriented motives we should not devastate the beauty of peace and happiness from the planet.All the world powers should burry their nuclear weapons and should move backword towards the era of stone age culture.The constructive achievemnts of science should be carried on but the ill should be ended before they end entire life on earth.We should prefer to live as per the parameters given by nature itself without making massive modifications.
Randesh Singh ThakurIMG_20180313_110224.jpgScreenshot_2018-03-13-07-50-04-36.pngIMG_20180308_233740.jpg

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Thank u dear,the world is in dire need of ppl like u who have a peaceful brain to bring lost happiness back😊