An "easter egg " from President Trump hidden in the time of the wireless alert system test??????

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As many of you may be aware, there was a test of the "Emergency alert Wireless system" to be conducted on 11/20/2018 at precisely 2:18 PM.

This test has now been postponed until 10/03/2018 at 2:18 PM due to the hurricane.
That date is not as important as the time of day they chose in my opinion and I will tell you why.

When I heard that the test was at 2:18, I found that kind of strange, since it's an odd time instead of 2PM sharp or 2:15, 2:30 etc.. because people usually schedule planned events for a round-numbered time.
Sure there could be a technical explanation for this but being an observer of the Q phenomenon, I have noticed the use of numbers, times/dates, timing and fringe "sciences" like Gematria and numerology to set up "coincidences" or little "easter eggs" connecting people, events, making predictions, etc...

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary,
gematria noun
ge·ma·tria | \ gəˈmā‧trēə , ˌgēmə‧ˈtrēə
plural gematriot-ēˌōt
Definition of gematria

1 : a cryptograph in the form of a word whose letters have the numerical values of a word taken as the hidden meaning

2 : the cabalistic method of explaining the Hebrew Scriptures by means of the cryptographic significance of the words

Here is the nitty-gritty of what I am posting about here,
If you type the number 218 into a gematria calculator, (which can be found by using any search engine but do it on google, i'll explain why below.) you will see that in 'simple gematria' it returns the following top 3 results,
(link )

(scroll down to "simple gematria")

1). Where we go one we go all.
2).hear o isreal , word of God
3). end of the world message

There are more interesting ones as well as benign ones as you go down the list. (interesting side note is that 218 in simple gematria = 666 in Jewish gematria)
The ranking is based on how many times that phrase has been looked up.

I will now explain why I believe this is a signal or an "easter egg" from the "Q"/whitehouse team/cointelpro (whoever you think it is) to keep us paying attention.

The Media;
While FEMA's own website lists the time of the test as 2:18 as seen here; ,
If you look at left marketed main stream media sources , you will see that they won't say 2:18 PM but will say "2:20PM" or "shortly after 2PM, like in this example from NBC;
while if you look at right-marketed sites like Fox, they list 2:18,
as seen here;

this aspect is really subtle, a conservative minded individual may discover this and say "THE LEFTY FAKE STREAM MEDIA IS TRYING TO HIDE THIS FROM US BUT THE NOBLE FOX REPORTERS AREN'T, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

*You must understand that I don't find Fox any more credible than CNN in my personal opinion and believe they are just like the old democrats/republicans, coke/pepsi dichotomy where both sides are working against the consumer of their "product".

I'm not into gematria and don't know alot about it or believe it has any real significance but what I do believe is that most people in the truth movement, especially the newf***s are predictable enough that whoever set up the time of the test, KNEW that people would calculate the gematria of whatever number they picked and that they chose 2:18 BECAUSE it corresponded to messages that would be significant to those people,
(in this case, where we go one we go all)
then all they had to do was go to the first site that comes up when you search gematria and 218 on Google (which they would assume most people still use) and simply search for the phrases they wanted at the top more times than any other phrase corresponding to that number had been searched, since it was only in the 200s for wwg1wga, they could have easily set up a browser extension to do it in a matter of minutes or even had someone do it manually in less than an hour.
the whole thing reminds me of old 4chan pranks where they would sabotage an online vote, like the Mt. Dew flavor naming contest, only simpler.

So there you go, I'd really like to hear what other people think of this and if anyone is good at calculating dates with numerology or gematria or anything, let us know if either of those dates have any easter eggs as well.

Stay up everybody, don't drink the koolaid, take a sip, swish it around but don't swallow it!
Don't chase rainbows, MAKE rainbows! The RADD O.G. loves you!
-@raddog out.

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This is fascinating to think about! Thank you for the article.

I would like to bring your attention to your first paragraph, in which you state: "...there was a test of the "Emergency alert Wireless system" to be conducted on 11/20/2018 at precisely 2:18 PM."

The test was originally scheduled for September, not November. This is such great info to think on, and don't want others to be distracted by a simple typo.