Why The Immigration Debate is America's Favorite Distraction

in news •  10 months ago

The debate over illegal immigration is becoming such a massive problem that it caused the United States government to shut down… right? But what if I told you that no matter what side you’re on, every major point in the immigration debate comes back to a much larger problem perpetrated by the U.S. government?

Full story and sources: goo.gl/hvNMhP

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You are amazing, thanks for spreading how these crooks are trying to keep the general public distracted with issues of little to no relevance! Looking forward to find more content from you. :D

I like your style & I hope to see more post from you Ms. Blevins.

"Those lazy illegals are stealing our jobs!" Thanks Obama. lol

great video

Well said!

No my illegal immigration concern is the population growth is unsustainable short and long term there is ample evidence to support this. We already bring in to many legally we don't need more illegally. They need to bloom in the respective country they are from thats the best help we can give them if they want it at all in the first place.