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Hello Steemians. I would to warn you of about this new scam comment. He will copy your post and if you open the link. It will redirect you to the website <steemiit(dot]ga/blahblah/login**>.

Screenshots from @josh26 post.

I was once a victim of scam. I know what it feels like. Thats why I'm sharing this to you. if someone will comment in one of your post something like that.. Do not open it. IT'S A SCAM! Again, IT'S A SCAM!.

If you notice his comment there is no reply buttom or upvote button.


Never give your password or your User Owner Key. As this key is allows to control your funds. If you requested to provide your Owners Key, Find the Exit and RUN AWAY!

Use your Log-in key or User key only to a trusted website.

Thank you for reading.

Sharing is Loving



salamat sa warning @purepinoy. marami talagang walang magawa sa buhay.

your welcome @dillagr. Share ko lang. masakit ma scam lalo na pinaghihirapan mo.

bsag e click lang nimo kiboy? bsag d ka mo log-in or mo interact sa iyang gi redirect nga site? :O

WARNING! The comment below by @purepinoy leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

kung i click nimo pa log-in'inon ka. lahi nga website. <steemiit(dot)ga>

ahhh, atleast dli dritso. abi nakog nig click mo dritso nag ka hack ako account... :3

gi flag ako comment

This was a good post thanks for posting

Thanks. if you like my post upvote and resteem it.

I appreciate what you did. Thanks for helping specially newbie like me. Keep it up bro!

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