Trump to criticize Germany's immigration policy

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US President Donald Trump has criticized the German government's immigration policy. He criticized the immigrants when they were under pressure from their oppressive repression.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the coalition government 'weak' Trump Marchel has been facing severe conflict in the country by clearing for his immigration policy. Criticizing the open door immigration policy of Merkel, Trump said refugees are changing the European culture horribly. Trump said that the people of Germany are turning away from the leadership of Merkel. Moreover, Trump said that the whole country has made 'big big' mistake with refugees from countries like war-torn Syria.

In contrast to Trump's criticism, there is also a strong criticism of his zero-tolerance immigration policy. Tranquilist Melania and the former First Lady, concerned about the dark future of their children due to the arrest of illegal immigrants from Mexico, criticized the strict immigration policy of Laura Bush Trump. Under the new immigration policy, recently thousands of children have been separated from the family due to the trump administration being arrested in Mexico illegally by the people entering the United States.

Because of the 'zero-tolerance' policy of immigration, at least two thousand families have been separated from their parents in the last six weeks to stay in the detention center. The United Nations has also been criticized on Monday.


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