DTube - Marco Rubio THREATENS ALEX JONES in Epic Battle Of FREE SPEECH Vs The STATE!

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The battle for free speech just escalated rather quickly!

During a senate intelligence committee hearing in Washington DC Alex Jones just went toe to toe with senator Marco Rubio in a debate about censorship happening at home compared to what’s allegedly coming from abroad. In the exchange Jones can be seen putting his hands on Rubio’s shoulder at which point the confrontation escalated to all out threats.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the footage of today’s confrontation between Alex Jones and Marco Rubio which represents on the macro level the current battle between free speech and the state.

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Cannabis News and Politics is a prime example of business censorship. https://steemit.com/marijuana/@cannabis-news/cannabis-news-censorship

As the American news drifts back into election fever I wonder what it would take to get the alternative media to speak of the existence of the Alternative political parties ....I makes me wonder why they cannot get any air time on the Alternative media sites ... Even the Alternative media act as if only two parties exist. And this seems to be true in most countries the local Alternative media ignores the Alternative political parties .... You would think this to be a match made in heaven ... Or is there something a foot here Watson lol

Out of touch reporter, out of touch politician, out of touch shock jock.

I’m actually surprised Marco Rubio was able to keep his composure. But I do wonder what level his threat was, like if he meant that he would have Alex Jones killed, beat up, or arrested. Or if he would actually go toe to toe with him. I would put my money on Alex.

Marco Rubio is an embarrassment to ALL Cubans living here❗️The state should just shut the fuck up , and thank GOD we don’t arrest them for unconstitutional behavior❗️I’m getting pretty tired of watching the circus 🎪 🤹‍♂️🦍🎭🐘🤹🏻‍♀️🐎🐅🤡❗️Still waitting on the clown car 🙄