Trouble at ROXHAM ROAD - Migrant “Crisis” EXPOSED!

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Roxham road in Quebec may soon become a popular destination site for tourists who want to experience what it’s like to be pampered and treated like royalty while invading another nation. This popular destination now boasts hosting an average of 600 new visitors a day! Sounds like a dream vacation spot right? Unfortunately this is an exclusive offer to non Canadians only.

In this video

Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down her recent trip to Roxham road in Quebec where she documented the steady flow of unvetted migrants crossing the boarder while pointing out the fact that this isn’t a “crisis” because a crisis is not preventable!

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It has something to do with DTube.

The plan is to destabilize all countries.

Off topic..

Is it possible to sue Canadian government for this?

This illegals are not sticking in, they are just walking in as if they have been invited.

with a little bit of Kalerghi and a dose of Cloward & Piven - welcome to the New World disorder

Irregular migrants sounds like an unwelcome bowel movement.

I find it completely ridiculous when I hear of another western power (YOU CANADA 🇨🇦) talking about illegally trespassing your borders when the western powers never have a problem invading sovereign nations . LOL 😆 Give me a fucking break CANADIANS❗️What was CANADA called before⁉️ Has it always been CANADA , or did you invade sovereignty and just put a nice flag over it .