This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria

in news •  7 months ago

We are being lied to about the real agenda for Syria and the middle east.

The truth is this is a decades old plan being carried out with the sole purpose of regime change and control of the entire region. As more bombs continue to drop we are fed more lies from the mainstream media and unless we expose what’s really going on it’s only going to get worse.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Eva Bartlett, an award winning journalist who is currently in Syria documenting what’s been taking place on the grounds in an effort to show the world not only what’s really going on there but also what exactly is at stake! The world could use more brave and courageous people like Eva Bartlett who are willing to put their lives on the line for the causes of freedom, liberty and truth. If you would like to support her efforts check the links to find out how you can contribute.

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First of all thank you 🙏 very much for the great work you’re doing . And thanks PFT for bringing up such talent . It is alternative news that is the spear head of the truth movement . And meat puppets like that MSM reporter talking trash in a very inoppropriate situation . Feather in his cap is the kinda conversation best left at the pub , and not while making a critical report from a journalist on international news⁉️ I mean really have some manners and at least look like you know your fucking job MSM❗️I still keep laughing about the time HITLERY handed Sergei Lavrov the RESET BUTTON ❓😆🤣 You have to check that video out PFT , that one is a keeper and shows just how out of touch this KHABAL is . To his credit Mr. Lavrov behaves great , but he later said “ I was thinking 🤔 what the hell is wrong with this woman⁉️“ LOL 😆 Its a mental affliction that they have like the white helmets and calling any terrorist moderate . Its USA corporation branding . Like ISIS becomes ISIL and the difference between a moderate rebel and a full blown terrorist is what ⁉️ Its all propaganda and thats why we need people like you both to expose it . Again thanks 🙏 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻