DTube - Does THIS Look Like LEGALIZATION To You?! BIll C45 EXPOSED! (#SaveBCBud)

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In Canada “legalization” has become code for “monopolization” all under the guise of ending prohibition!

There is a massive take over taking place in Canada as an entire industry is being usurped with mafia like tactics as marijunana inc. attempts to set up shop under the control of the Canadian government. Canadians have been waiting a long time for legalization to come into effect but now what they are getting resembles nothing of the sort and looks more like a bait and switch carried out by the powers that ought not to be.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with award winning BC Cannabis producer Chad Jackett about the new legislation that has passed the senate and is set to become law by October 17th 2018.

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@pressfortruth yes i thing with this bill it will be legalization what tour opinion ?

What a shame they won the war of 1812. No Bill of Rights.

Yes, Turdo and his coporate Liberals have given us prohibition 2.0. Yay! We now can purchase Cannabis from corporations. Buy it from anywhere else you will be in jail. Smoke it in a public place and you will be in jail. Pass a joint to a 17 year old and you will be in jail. The list goes on. The activists who led the movement to give us medical Cannabis, are now out on the street and the mining executive, real estate moguls, former politicians, and former police are making money hands over heals. The plant is now in prison. This is not a celebration.

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I hope it gets legalized! If you or other Steemians are interested in purchasing or selling CBD products go HERE

What a bait and switch. I hope we are cautious over here in the States. If it's federally legalized, they're going to try to take over. It may actually be better having it legal at a State level, never-mind the Fed. @ironshield

Hope that thing happens which is good for mankind.

This is an excellent piece. I'm so happy to see a great content producer on the Steem network. We need more good speakers and high production value content on Steem. We're a Seattle radio station that is posting high quality content to the Steem network. Everything from high stakes political shows like your own, to DJ sets. If you'd like to collaborate I'd love to work with you.

Ganja will be free

Check out my article about the new law in Luxembourg where cannabis has also been legalized for medical use.

People need to start taking back control, by telling the government that they are alive, believe it on not, a legal person is not alive. The only way to do this, is via a Common Law Court, convened by the people. https://www.commonlawcourt.com is a website where you can record details of a court you convene, after you declare that you are alive and that you've claimed the legal name you were given at birth. The US is a common law country, start using the law properly. Thanks