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Everyone inherently knows that it’s wrong to enforce anything on anyone who is a non willing participant,

that’s why rape and slavery are illegal…but when it comes to the government they seem to have given themselves the right to enforce themselves on any one for just about any reason, wether it be in the form a military draft or in the case of forced healthcare.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers a recent case where police in Ontario Canada went to the home of a man who refused to wear a mask earlier at a grocery store and they ended up killing him at his home. We MUST continue to reject this incremental push towards all out tyranny and slavery just as our forefathers did who would be rolling in their graves if they saw what the “authorities” are doing today!

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Thanks Dan, may your health be with you!

We MUST continue to reject this incremental push towards all out tyranny

Through out this whole virus ordeal I've found it rather ironic that most of those pushing the stop tyranny mantra are doing so while safely tucked away somewhere else...even you, you've been hiding out in those woods for quite some time now. I find it about as hypocritical as the leftist leaders calling for defunding the police while hiring private security for themselves at taxpayers expense.

I wear a mask but not because the government mandates it, I've done it from the get go as I am still not convinced this wasn't a deliberate release of a virus that has the potential to be deadly for many people and believe it was designed that way with the objective of the release to quell uprisings across the globe against globalization, separate people from one another and stop the movements. China is infamous for using tactics of harm against those rising up against them.

Whether you believe in the various conflicting studies or not there's one thing that will ring true in about a months time if people just went along with the mask mandates....that's whether they work or not the whole mask issue becomes mute as if they don't work there will be no need to wear them anymore and if they do work the result will be the same. It really doesn't seem unreasonable to ask people "hey let's just try this for a month, if it works we can get back to normal, if not we can call out our government on it and tell them to shove it"....which a whole lot of people would love to do, prove the government is full of shit and stop mandating shit that doesn't work.

Unlike Canada the US government(s) can mandate their usage, that was decided in a 1902 Supreme Court ruling Jacobson vs Massachusetts that public health outweighs individuals rights even if a person were to be harmed by the mandate. The overall health of the majority overrules the minority.

Of course that's no reason to outright kill anybody over, which is highly questionable that's what happened with this man in Canada. He attacked a store clerk who offered him a free mask, tried to run over an employee, it's yet undetermined if he did hit the store with his car then sped away flipping over a truck after striking it. The police gave pursuit but stopped it after they said it was apparent he wasn't going to stop and they were endangering the public. When they got to his property shots were fired but it isn't know quite yet if the shots fired were before or after they called in reinforcement but my guess would be he shot at them, they called in reinforcements and he ended up dead based just on his prior behavior during this whole ordeal.

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