DTube - FASCISM Actually = Authoritarian NATIONALISM! What You NEED To Know!

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Being a “Fascist” is a term often slung around by both the “tolerant left” and the “alt right” when describing the ideologies of their political enemies…but can that really be an accurate accusation when opposing sides are using the same term against each other? What does the word actually mean? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Tim Pool of TimCast about the divide between the left and right in America and the importance of understanding the words that you’re going to use especially in an argument!

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Fascism, both the concept and word itself, were invented by Mussolini. He felt that "Corporatism" was a more apropos word for his idea of the ideal state wherein corporations and government banded together as the ruling power. It's what America has become.

I think I have a better definition for fascism than the one you cite here.

This term immediately brings to mind images of jack-booted storm troopers, Chicago's late Mayor Daley and militarism. These things are only accidental (albeit usual) political ramifications of the system - which is purely economic in itself. Fascism may be defined as an economic system where although the "means of production" and "consumer goods" are owned by individuals, they are essentially controlled by the state. Hitler's Germany is, of course, the classic example. Krupp, I.G. Farben, Messerschmidt - all were privately owned, but the government told them what to produce, how much to charge, what to pay their laborers, how much profit they might make, and regulated every other aspect of their existence. Just so, are General Motors, Lockheed, Westinghouse and most other U.S. corporations privately owned; but the government dictates maximum prices, quality ("safety") standards, minimum wages and every other detail directly through the various regulatory agencies (CAB, FTC, ICC, OSHA, etc) in addition to profit margins through its monetary, taxing and, increasingly direct "bailout" policies.

There is no difference whatsoever in kind between Nazi Germany's and America's systems; the differences are only in degree and in detail. Scandinavia is another superb example; don't be confused by all the welfare benefits; Hitler's Germany also had a full complement of them.

—Douglas R. Casey, The International Man, 2nd edition, Alexandria House Books, © 1979

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When I grow up I want to be an irate SJW butthole!

Oh wait, I am already grown up. And I ended up a free thinker.

Damn! I wanted to be trendy.

Seriously though. Great work Dan! My Italian side of the family, escaped Pescada Italy after they were threatened when they spoke out against the rising fascistic state. And my German side, well...do we really have to go into that?

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