DTube The Truth About The Toronto Police, The Quebec Court House Shooting & "Peoplekind"

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Being a police officer used to be a respected profession where children looked up to them as their hero's...oh how times have changed.

Friendly smiles and helpful gestures were soon replaced with black ski masks and covert operations and now the police officer of the 21st century is hardly recognizable as they've slowly become more and more militarized.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the issue with the Toronto Police Force in particular as well as an incident that happened in a Quebec courthouse just last week where an officer shot a man in the head inside the courthouse.

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I ❤️ Dtube

Who's policing the police though

They are exposed now. Hopefully something changes for once.

I think that we are long past the time where demanding accountability would do it.

Fanaticism is considered a necessary evil, but not by me. all excess hurts.

Police is much important for our society.Now police play the role of hero who help the poors


They are important to our society but they're becoming a problem. It's due to them upholding corrupt laws and just trying to generate revenue. I don't hate the police, I hate the departments and government they work for.

I understand

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.


Something deservesthinking about it !

Exelente hermano

Hmm good suggestion i always connet with you to know new ideas and i apply them

Wow, Tredeau is something else! Peoplekind, LOL! I don't understand how the officers in court weren't able to subdue the teenager without using taser or physical force.

Trudeau is a cuck he has less balls than his wife.
He's gay as f*ck, bring Canada down, and I'm sure consume soy milk...
The perfect CIA's duck.

You can thank the war on drugs and the brainwashed public for the militarization of the police. Some people still support them, and I can't understand why. I remember the cops when I was a kid, no one was afraid of them. Now, I get paranoid every time i'm around police and for no good reason. I've personally witnessed them do some sketchy shit and I know i'm not immune to their corruption.

People get it all confused. I don't hate the cops individually, I hate the corrupt laws and departments. Keep shining light on this problem!

Listen everyone, Kokesh 2020! Look into Adam Kokesh, he is trying to make things in America better, he recently announced he was running for presidency in 2020. He's worth a few moments of your time, i know we are all busy but this guy, he has a real opportunity to stop all this corruption that demonizes us all. He needs our support.

oh man, he got shot by a cop and lives to sue that dick? i hope that cop is in big trouble now!

It is politicians who would rather use “peoplekind” than “mankind” to be inclusive that “feminize” men and patronize society and country that are in desperate need of saving from progressive liberalism, which would lead to more socialism and ultimately communism. To reward soft men and snowflakes but penalize real men who protect country and instill law and order is a backward society and backward thinking. The leftist politicians should join the Women’s March and wear a pussy hat on their head and a harness around their neck.

There are real issues for real people to deal with every day like the economy, jobs, border security, protect family, have food on the table, pay bills, etc. Instead, we have FAKE politicians and a bad leader who only care about political correctness and take it to the extreme These disgusting politicians create FAKE issues to manage to show their “feminine” manliness, like changing the Canadian national anthem. God bless the world and give us peace by granting the people wise and patriotic men to lead. Looking forward to those days when the people’s wish (in Canada) be granted. Smile.