Doug Ford To Open The Cannabis Market, Cut The Carbon Tax And Repeal Sex Ed?

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Doug Ford, brother of the late Rob Ford has said he wants to open the cannabis market up to be free and fair, he wants to cut the carbon tax and he wants to repeal Ontario's Sex Ed program!

This signals a step in the right direction on all three fronts if in fact he keeps his promise however he is a politician so we'll see how that goes!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about the latest news surrounding Doug Fords campaign trail.

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Wow,I must say this is awesome,nice video,great information.

a very good idea that Doug Ford did hope to achieve

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Letting the market dictate? That's a dream come true. But like Chad says, it's only a dream at this point.
The free market held in Robson Square, downtown Vancouver, every month for going on 3 years, has been a huge success. Prices drop, quality rises, and patients came from all over to benefit. (Operation Apprentice is cracking down on the market now, arresting activists every Saturday for 2 months now.)
Free the weed! No prison for plants!

This is one of the most unbalanced partisan attacks I have ever listened to. CBC truly is the propaganda arm of the liberal party. I notice she doesn't ask if he sold drugs, she asked why he didn't sue for the story, asked that way because it was nothing but a hit piece with no evidence which is why they wouldn't and didn't run with the story when it originally came out. I don't care if you like or hate Ford, I expect a taxpayer funded entity to give facts and let people decide, not their bias BS uneducated bordering on dishonest opinions!

opening the weed markets will attract investment to Ontario as people can open shops and production. Smart.

The governments of the world should just know to stay out of our bodies , and if they persist we should all take actions against these FUCKERS by political and more AGRESIVE means . YES . I mean WAR❗️No more games folks ❗️there are more of us then there are of them . TRY TO GET THAT 😠

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