CNN Exposed But Now What? How About "Trutheum?"

in news •  2 years ago


Now that CNN has been exposed

as a for profit business that peddles dangerous conspiracy theories, perhaps now is a good time to look to blockchain technology for a truth related ledger so

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a closer look at "Trutheum" a blockchain styled reward system that seeks to pay people for their findings of a particular truth!

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More great work! I'm so freaking excited about this crypto age! It's saved me from complete poverty! :D

Lolz. Great video Dan.

Resharing @phibetaiota



I Like It.

that's a new idea, i wonder what they will do if people just start copying each other and claim finding the same "truths" !


I don't know why people even need to report on them being "fake news"... they have been fake news for a long time and nobody has taken them seriously except die hard Clinton supporters. Trutheum could work, and Dan Dicks does a great job. Ive been watching PFT for years and he has stayed true to himself and his supporters. Bravo and hats off to Dan Dicks for always being consistent and coming out with fresh new content.

We need this since our media is full of bullshit. I will definitely invest if it happens.

Everything we do will eventually be part of a "block chain" — it's the new economic system of the world.

I'm sure the Rothchilds (and their buddies) won't be thrilled about Trutheum!

CNN (Clinton News Network) always spread fake news

Thanks for sharing @pressfortruth! I truly enjoy your videos. ⚡ I was looking at the Trutheum ICO and white paper. It looks very promising. How before Trutheum exposes all lies in this world? Probably only a matter of time... Thanks to the blockchain!

Opportunities form great people, follow me and I follow you thanks

I was in a dark place when I came across this news...It made my day, too. It wasn't until I was feeling better that I started realizing how huge this could be. The mainstream media has torn countless families apart...(both foreign...and domestic). I hope this starts a domino effect...It's long overdue. Thank you for this🙏👍.

Way to go Dan. Glad to see you out in cryptos. Hope you share this platform with Luke and truth seeker gang!

i worked for CNN once. actually a great company as far as social & work environment!

Bravo for the idea. I once imagined something that I named peoples police, similar to this one in a sense that people are taking justice in there on hands.

What now? Well in the deep state where people dig up truth show up dead cause they committed suicide by doing a very awkward 2 bullets in the back of their head and nobody questions it. Then when somebody questions that then all of a sudden they committed suicide too for some reason. Can you imagine all of the dead people that committed suicide that had some ties to the Clintons? I think the only way to round up the corrupt deep state judges, politicians and higher ups is to get them for their demonic pedogate activities. The deep state will have a hard time operating when half their people are in prison for pedogate activities.

Hi Dan @pressfortruth I finally joined steemit and entering my 13th day.
Worldwide, individuals are joining efforts to Amplify Awareness by sharing Truth empowering the People to be the change we are searching for.

@ronmamita look forward to reading the white paper for Trutheum - thanks for sharing and I'm resteeming 👍

This is great I will buy some Trutheum token (horrible nerd name). I come from a country where being a journalist is least than safe. The blockchain is gonna change everything as we know it.

Also please get other wallets outside Bitcoin. If someone wants to send you less than $5 they can't do it because of fees.

how high in the food chain of cnn they know it was fishy story?

Excellent Dan, love the intro! Hahaha! I really hope this Trutheum becomes a great project that benefits everyone.

Keep up the good work!

Good video with an interesting idea/concept!

This is pretty off topic to your post, so I apologize. But, I'm just curious since you're a fairly large youtuber going off your subcount. Were your videos heavily effected by the youtube ad boycott/adpocalypse that went on recently? It really seems like it was hit or miss on who's videos lost a ton of revenue and who's didn't.


Ive been massively demonatized by around 85 or 90% I'd say :/


I dont think its hit or miss its targeted toward eyes opening content


Not really. I mean, it is. But, people I know in the commentary community on youtube have gotten fucked hard just because they curse in the video at some point, or because they put stuff like "So and so, the arrogant, two faced crybaby" in the title. It has been affecting people in pretty much every genre heavily except for family friendly content it seems. This one youtuber who makes video game comedy stuff got blacklisted from getting any ads, so he will not make shit on youtube unless he starts a new channel and forfeits his 220k subs. The whole site is just fucked at this point for a majority of people who aren't huge 1M+ channels.


so its just a algorithm that analyse video content , viewers and other data and categorize channel for ads friendly and no ads friendly channels and videos. maybe the cause is that they want to give a more targeted ads services and nobody check the box real good shit and PFT got demonitized

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Why the need for another blockchain when we have steemit!? - Truth is rewarded here too!

Erm, we'll already paying you Steem by upvoting no?

Nice idea, Dan. Has it launched yet?