BREAKING: Wikileaks Vault 7 Series Revealed As CIA Infiltration Of Presidential Election In France

in news •  2 years ago

Wikileaks has released a document

proving that the CIA infiltrated every political party in France's presidential election in 2012 and

in this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth discuses some of the details of the document and their implications.

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Great reporting as always. Thanks for keeping me informed Dan.

Great share Dan! Awesome find.
rEsteemed and UPvoted.

So much yes!!!!!

Nice - did not see that coming
edit I'm not seeing the connection between any of this and vault7


Hi. I'm new here. I've seen you all over Steemit since I signed up. It seems like a great platform.
Pleased to meet you.

Today @AnonScan mentioned it was part of a series of vault7 releases in this tweet

Forgive me for not finding the reference but during the night of the 13th Feb I was lurking on Twitter waiting for something to drop. There was a lot of buzz around his account and one of what seemed to be AnonScans familiars mentioned something along the lines of that it must be released by the 19th Feb.

(I think the account I was lurking was MassSpies and the hashtag starshipverified. Although I think the MassSpies people were against the Starship Verified group. didn't really understand it but it seemed urgent. Lots of Star Trek references.)

19th of Feb is the Ecuadorian election where two leading candidates promise to have him arrested if either of them win. So my guess is we will see a C.I.A. document on Ecuador in the next 24 hours that might change their mind about arresting him.

Also the embassycat and Julians own twitter have both become active over the last few days. I feel that has something to do with it.

This could get very interesting.


Nice to meet ya fortified, I'm following you now :)
Wasn't it anonscan that was alluding to the release being about Clinton's FBI file in the first place ?
Crazy times right now, its getting hard to keep track of all the happenings


From what I've seen over the last few days it seemed AnonScan and others were working with WL to get the Vault7 hash out.

Wikileaks were the ones tweeting out where/why/who/when/what is Vault7?
The tweets alluded to a lot of deepstate stuff.

One of the tweets was a seed bank. I believe what ever CIA documents Wikileaks have are to hot too keep on the wikileaks server so will be out in the torrent swarm somewhere.

There was some noise/confusion thrown in by some other accounts not associated with WK but were tweeting coded messages and GCHQ games. It seemed they just high-jacked the Vault7 hashtag for followers. It got quite confusing for a while.

Times sure are crazy rn. I think this next week is going to be the craziest.

I've written some more about it in my first post if you want to read a bit more about my theory.

This really shouldn't come as any surprise. When the scope of the NSA's electronic communications spying program came to light, especially the existence of the 5-Eyes "partnership", it should have served as the proof the US Intelligence leviathan [specifically CIA] was the real shot-caller in ALL European politics and policy. Merkel even had to basically declare publicly that she didn't mind that her personal phone (along w/ every other phone she had) was tapped by US Intelligence after it came to light that they were, and had been, for years. And would continue to be.