Acadia U Prof Rick Mehta "The Education System Needs To Come Down Like The Berlin Wall"

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Canada has been hijacked by a group of social justice warriors who's ideology is now permeating throughout society and Professor Mehta is taking the brave stance to say enough is enough!

Professor Rick Mehta is an associate professor of psychology at Acadia University in Wolfville Nova Scotia who has recently been thrusted onto the main stage of the battle for free speech in Canada as a result of making so called "controversial" statements during his lectures and online to which students have complained and are now attempting to have him removed from the school all together and the faculty has launched an official investigation into these complaints.
In the age of trigger warnings and safe spaces it's becoming increasingly difficult to speak facts and truth without offending someone and being labelled a bigot, or a racist or a fascist!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with professor Mehta about his current situation as petitions to have him ousted are continuing to pour in simply for stating some facts that apparently hurt their feelings. We are at a fork in the road in regards to the direction the right to free speech might take in Canada so it's important now more than ever to support those brave enough who go against the status quo and who questions official narratives such as professor Rick Mehta.

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The right to free speech in Canada? No such bird, you have "hate speech" laws don't you?

Communists...cough cough..I mean liberals.... have infected our education system and the systems of every western country. Its pretty obvious they are all working together when you see the same agenda rolling out globally at the same time. Its way beyond time to clean house.

this is very informational post.Some information are unknown.its a amazing motivational post also. I really impress i this post.

nice education news post thanks for shearing

..and another great one, upvoted, resteemed and shared to 7000 on twitter (Reptoid_hunter) Peace!

This is ridiculous. The way we are going everything will eventually be taken away...because we cater to the few in fear of offending anyone.

Free speech should never be questioned. If you don’t like what someone is saying, walk away or refuse to listen. Simple as that. Drop the class and pick up another one!

My friend is a prof and he has to warn students about potential triggers, he teaches 18th Century Literature. Like how can something 100s of years old trigger you? He said like parents come talk to him about grades, these students are in their 20's why are the parents coming to talk to him? The whole system went crazy glad I graduated in 2001 it was starting to get crazy PC then, I went to school in Ontario.....

Our society has become such a bunch of pathetic , whining, beta , crybabies. Just pathetic.

I like to think about it this way. if you're able to use what they taught you to truly understand the truth behind all the lies then it works out.

Sometimes you got to understand both sides, the lie and the truth.

its a very informative post.i am a bangladeshi.our education system is very bad.i dont like it.its not for gain knowledge.good content