Video: Tulare Police Officers Shoot and Kill Unarmed Man

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 Tulare, CA (PT) - The Southern Central Valley in California Monday witnessed first hand the extreme use of force by their local police. A plague that is getting increasingly worse with law enforcement across America.

The incident under investigation was recorded on a bystanders cell phone. And while you cannot see the shooting take place due to obstruction, you can get the entire lead up, and get a clear image of the complete ineptitude of these officers. Watch below.



The officers are in pursuit of a man that's obviously disgruntled. Initial reports say they simply just wanted to talk to this man regarding an assault that happened in the area. The individual has been identified as 27-year-old Jontelle Reedom of Tulare.

The video begins at conflict, the first officer to make contact was obviously just trying to talk, as he gave chase, and then proceeded to get his ass handed to him as he quickly realized, Reedom was not going to talk.

Another officer appears and Reedom retreats a little further across the street. It's interesting to note here, that Reedom was not trying to run, he really wasn't trying to fight wither, just keep distance to avoid injury. He's maced, but it appeared that the officer that maced him got more of the burning sensation than Reedom did. A car appears in the video, and like magic... Shots fired, at least 10 between the 2 officers. And I'd like to point out here, if both officers had a sidearm to discharge, he wasn't armed.

I'd like to iterate in my last point, less than one minute later in the video, another officer appears on the scene. If this sounds reasonable to you... Sit for one minute in silence. After 60 seconds have gone by and you're still alive. Think about the ramifications of this scenario?

The two cowards creaming themselves because they had to actually subdue a suspect. Brought them to the point where they felt the person in front them no longer needed to even exist. And today, they are getting paid to sit on their ass and deal with the backlash.

Concluding... I'm sick of this. The Pontiac Tribune is hereby calling out the Tulare Police & Sheriff Departments. 

At very least, if the names of the two cowards involved in this are not released within 24 hours of this publication, we will make it our personal goal to call out all the police misconduct of your officers, and staff for at least an entire year. All of it, in the effort to  reduce the amount of money your program will receive by the next fiscal year... Which may just take place, regardless.

Your move. 

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