Navy Aircraft Draws Male Genitalia In Sky Shocking People on the Ground – Geoengineering Prank?

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Residents of Okanogan County, Washington were shocked to see an image of a male genitalia made of a white cloud like substance lingering in the sky on Thursday evening.

A mother in the area had reached out to local news station KREM 2 with a complaint about the image, saying she was upset she might have to explain to her young children what the drawing was.

The aircraft that made the image apparently belonged to the U.S. military as the Navy contacted KREM 2 with a statement reading, “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

When the local station reached out to Federal Aviation Administration officials they were told that the agency couldn’t do anything about it with an official saying they “cannot police morality.”

It is not clear what the navy aircraft was doing or what the white cloudy substance that was released is, but the image brings to mind the geoengineering technique, “solar radiation management.”

Solar radiation management is a technique of using aircraft to inject aerosol particles into the atmosphere in order to reflect the sun’s rays back into space. Those who have proposed this form of geoengineering claim it is to combat climate change or global warming.

For many years now people across the United States have been looking to the sky claiming that solar radiation management is going on in their area. Perhaps the most notable outcry against the climate manipulation was in Shasta, California where residents in 2014 banded together to hold a town meeting on the subject. You can watch the meeting in the video below.

You can also find more of the implications of solar radiation management at the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health website where they have assessed the public health impacts.

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