WTF ? Wakeup!!! Trump ! Pence! The "Planned" attack on America. You can't handle the TRUTH!

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A very sophisticated machine of modern informational warfare has been turned on the public by our government and its media arm. Proof ? Have you ever asked yourself why is the main-stream media attacking Trump like this ? Never in history has the entire media colluded and came after someone in this way! Media is supposed to non-subjective, impartial ?

Why is it everyday and in every way they point out how bad Trump is ? How he will never win ? Think about that.. It's because" its" in a fight for its life ! It being: The shadow government the corrupt politicians who are saying , claiming one thing and doing another. The system used to conquer the sleeping sheep public is fighting for "it's" life and about to be destroyed. Don't take my word for it, take off the blinders for a minute and become someone who might be getting screwed over and investigate. Ever hear the term waking the sleeping giant ?

People are enraged about something and they don't quite know what that is right now. This is the result of when the outcome/result/reality that the informational warfare machine(brainwashed) has implanted didn't happen.

Ever wonder how we elected a black president but now magically we are all racist, xenophobic etc.. Why didn't we freak out like this over the last 2 elections ? If we are all racist, xenophobic. How did we become so divided in 8 years ? Part of the informational warfare is divide and conquer, they've hit every divisional button they can to keep everyone in-fighting, down to use of gender of bathrooms. (WTF?) It's a distraction from the truth.The truth Trump is trying to bring out.

Also a side note: You know when something our government is involved with is very bad for the US population. It's in the name, the name means the exact opposite of what they've called it like Planned Parenthood, The PATRIOT Act, Affordable care act, sounds nice doesn't it. Thats the kind of people we are dealing with.

I respect the rights of every female and for you to make choices about your body. I don't agree 100% with abortion, with that said it's not my business to be in yours. However Planned Parenthood is pure EVIL. It's nothing more than a planned attack on this country from it's founding. Your eyes will be open soon once the mainstream propaganda arm is destroyed. It's very hard for the other half of America to see the truth because they've been brainwashed, tricked and invested into lies, propaganda.


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