Mackinac Bridge's repeated closures 'huge inconvenience' but safety is prioritysteemCreated with Sketch.

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The scaffold shut to all activity Friday around 12:45 p.m. in light of ice tumbling from its links and towers. It's the third such conclusion so far this year.

Temperatures in the Straits of Mackinac moved above solidifying today, releasing the ice that had layered on the structure amid solidifying precipitation occasions prior this week. The temperatures didn't sufficiently warm to dissolve all the ice, prompting the risk of expansive pieces tumbling off discontinuously.

So re-opening the extension stays in limbo - and more ice-covering climate is by all accounts in transit, the Bridge Authority said in a Friday night refresh.

"At the point when ice frames on the scaffold, we're at Mother Nature's benevolence with reference to when and how rapidly it will either refreeze or clear totally," said MBA Executive Secretary Bob Sweeney. "We realize what a gigantic burden and wellspring of dissatisfaction it is for our clients, yet we can't hazard wounds or passings by reviving too soon."icechunk1jpg-d8587bf5a82304ea.jpg