CAA confirms Shaheen Air to bring back passengers from Guanzho on Sunday night

in news •  3 months ago


Shaheen worldwide Airline (SAI) has stated that it'll dispatch its flight on Sunday night time to Guangzhou, China, to carry back rankings of Pakistani passengers who've been stranded in China following the cancellation of the airline’s flight earlier on July 29.

In an announcement on Sunday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson stated the objection raised with the aid of the authority with regard to the fitness of the SAI aircraft — scheduled to hold returned home the stranded passengers — has been addressed.

“the specified hosepipes have arrived from abroad and are presently in technique of customs clearance and consequently can be equipped in due path allowing the provider to fly with none sort of hazard,” the spokesperson became quoted as saying.

except, the CAA reminded that due to Shaheen Air’s failure to clean dues amounting to Rs1.five billion the airline had been prohibited to utilise facilities and offerings presented via the authority. “however, on simply humanitarian grounds it [SAI] has been allowed to hold again the passengers who had booked their seats with SAI, previous to the imposed ban,” read the CAA statement.

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