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This originally started out as a response to someone who was unwilling to break down a Pizzagate video. If you don't know what pizza gate is, that's covered. This is more of a timeline of internet sleuths helping Drain the Swamp. I'll also expand on it a little so I'm not just committing copy pasta. You'll need a snack for this.

This all started with the concept of "What is this Pizzagate thing?" There was a video posted with it that I'd seen back when it came out and didn't remember the exact details of it but this is how things seem to be looking on my end.

First we'll start with the misconception: "Hillary Clinton was running a kiddy diddling ring out of a pizza parlor, and only a nut job would believe such a thing!"... which isn't necessarily unfair to say considering how retarded that is.

Alright, so where did this come from... you remember that whole now BTFO "Russia hacked John Podesta and released everything and meddled in our election" narrative? The one where you're supposed to get whipped into a good ol' fashioned Red Scare and not actually pay attention to the admittedly legitimate material itself. According to CNN it's illegal for you to read that stuff anyway.

What was in the e-mails? Multiple branches of insanity that really bubbles up to something called PedoGate, which PizzaGate is a facet of. Specifically all sorts of obviously coded messages. Talking about... Pizza... in a very.. veeeeery strange way. Enter 4Chan's newly weaponized autists running around with a boner for having moved a traffic cone. They went nuts on scouring the e-mails and found example after example of "Dafuq is this?", with direction from supposed insiders whose info was either good or they'd be ignored as LARPers.

It's at this point that the Conspiratards over at Reddit go ham. It was celebrated as vindication after years of pouring through NWO, Cathy O'Brien, MK Ultra, Vigilant Citizen "Illuminati Hollywood", and mainstream Kabbalah/"Satanism/Luciferianism/Dark Occult" secret society stuff. It was... a field day. And then it consumed /r/conspiracy to the point where /r/pizzagate was set up. And then all of it was shut down. The excuse? Someone mentioned in the e-mails over and over again. The 49th most power person in D.C.. Pizza shop owner James Alefantis who used to be in a relationship with David Brock. Through Brock's influence over the media, anyone paying attention to Comet Ping Pong & Pizza and Besta Pizza and all the surrounding businesses was to be labelled a dangerous crazy person. If you remember the shooting, they moved the traffic cameras before and after the event. Basically, CPPP was supposedly just a "front" location and the actual kiddy diddling and abuse and murders would happen elsewhere, spread across D.C., and Alefantis was one of the key players and owner of a lot of suspicious locations . This was also around the time that Seth Rich died in same general zone of Alefantis's D.C. influence and related businesses... but you believe in political coincidences, don't you?

So, the conversation gets ripped off Reddit and everyone takes it over to Voat and the less autistic research happens there and it's a lot of spitballing and information spreading. Kind of like a "highlights from 4chan" sorta thing. It's lost a lot of steam though because it's taken so long to get Trump's people in the right spot to put an end to all this.

What is "all this" you're probably wondering. There's this guy named George Webb (not his real name) who originally started looking into the "disappearance of Eric Braverman" by using the DNC leaks and the Podesta e-mails and Eric's relationship to all that. His thing is to always be following the money. It takes him about 100 episodes before he switched over to this thing called DynCorp and there's where "PedoGate" really kicked off and it's supposedly the actual name used in the intel community for something that's been going on forever. And George fights and fights and fights even REFERENCING PizzaGate due to all the negative press associated with the MSM spin on the subject.

Where the storylines cross, that is "Follow The Money" and "PizzaGate" is when he got into the organ harvesting, human trafficking, sex slavery, gun running, drug dealing, and all that jazz. People like Jeffrey Epstein are very much involved in George's Narrative because he would keep talking about "Brownstone" operations where politicians would be filmed fucking and murdering children for blackmail purposes. You're talking about the kind of people who'd readily give up anything but their ego and the only way for them to "trust" each other not to go against the group is to do the most depraved shit they can think of and that's how everyone is assured the other will stay in line.

After the Clinton Foundation lost its income of bribes and illegal contributions from all over the world, odd things started happening wherever they were involved with disaster relief, like Haiti and Africa, where there would be mass arrests of pedophiles almost an hour after the CF closed shop in the area and had time to clear out.

One thing that's kept the energy up is all the Operation Broken Heart stuff. Children saved, pedophiles busted, and now celebrities and big names keep getting taken down.

So I guess that's a long way of saying that PizzaGate is Pedo-Hunting meets The Illuminati... and that's basically where that's at. Hasn't really been a whole lot of new information coming out and it's amazing that John Podesta is still free but as soon as they bring down the Cabal that is this group in the US... there will be ironic pizza parties for daaaaays. George Webb would eventually team up with Jason Goodman and things have been pretty off with that whole situation since then, but there's still a lot of related info in all the discussions about Anthony Weiner's laptop, Huma Abedin's family relations to the Muslim Brotherhood and the fact that she's been copying and storing all of Hillary's e-mails... we're just waiting for the house of cards to come crashing down on their heads. Trump said he'd do it and so far it seems like that's still the plan, especially with all the Human Trafficking and Flynn/Jr. stuff.

Don't forget, any big name that asks about it brings this stuff gets an assassination attempt, whether it's political or physical like in Scalise's case. Then again...

Hunting humans has always been referred to by these sick bastards as "The Most Dangerous Game". They just never thought they'd ever become the hunted.

There are also a bunch of lawsuits over this stuff and mostly against the people who'd more openly put info out there with their names attached to it. It's why David Seaman, I think, got threatened and sued by Alefantis and had to peace out for a while, and why folks like Alex Jones have been so hands off about it until he just couldn't take it anymore and had to say something and I believe he got served, also. On top of that, reporters get taken off air, politicians get slandered out of office, Twitter banned mentioning it and the people who would would get blocked, Facebook acted to suppress it, and so on. Just like they're doing with Seth Rich.

Something I have yet to really go into is the Wikileaks. Julian's been cooped up for years over the majority of this information, but he didn't leak all of it. 4chan was responsible for Podesta which, again, Muh Russia, while Seth Rich seems to have gotten the DNC files to Wikileaks via MegaUploads which was more Muh Russia, and before that I wanna say that the actual Guccifer had leaked the DCCC files, which gave them the idea for Guccifer 2.0 as a cover for the DNC and Podesta leaks. The take away is that Muh Russia narrative was also covering for PizzaGate.

One of the interesting parts about PizzaGate jumping out from the Wikileaks is that I really don't think that that was ever the intention. Julian seems to have generally been a follow the money, make the connections, who talks to whom, corruption and operational secrets stuff, which is why you have a financial version of PizzaGate, a military version, a political version, the human slavery version, they're all wrapped together as tentacles leading up to the big Globalist/Zionist/NWO head. If can get a handle on the tentacles, we pull back a veil from there. It's about ego, power, and control stemming back millennia. There's no reason that the descendants of nobility should still have any power or sway... yet they do and a lot of them still run your life. Bloodlines.

Here is one of the main problems though... I only said we'd be pulling back A veil. The American one. It'll tug at the international community but what happens when you get to the dictatorships? I mean I guess they do it openly but what about in South American countries, China, India, Germany, Sweden, and so on? Right before the American PizzaGate broke, the MSM had just gotten the populace's attention off the British PedoGate that involved MP's and Jimmy Saville, who would also be related to the American one through.... who is it... one of the head editors of the NYT that he used to work with at the BBC.

Interesting sidetone about the term "PizzaGate" is that it originally references to something back in the 80's and it's what made Rudy Giuliani famous AND was related to Donald J. Trump. I got rabbit holed searching for the name Bonnano from a video out of florida (supposedly) when I was noncehunting that someone sent to me and it ended up leading me to New York.

Turns out, PizzaGate originally refers to the Mafia (Cosa Nostra) importing drugs and people (human smuggling) under the guise of pizza ingredients, as well other italian things since pasta doesn't go on pizza but they serve it, with wine. You also gotta figure all the italian suits, imports, art, religious stuff, etc. Anyway, Rudy busted that, which is the "cleaning up new york" stuff everyone was talking about back before/during 9/11. After the Sicilians were busted up, they started working with the Albanians and groups like 'Ndrangheta who are more into organ harvesting and sex slaves than Cosa Nostra was ever really comfortable with and they ran brothels as well family restaurants.

How this relates to Trump is that he took down the Mafia attempt at taking over the Indian Casinos in the new york/new jersey areas at the same time-ish. Trump's known about this stuff for a long time. Like Andrew Breitbart before he died... which is why Steve Bannon was brought in in the first place. Breitbart also knew about Podesta and Soros... Steve's getting revenge and finishing Andrew's work.

And that's your Black Pill.


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Great summary. In an update, towards the end of 2017 George Webb went to Comet Ping Pong and declared James Alefantis (now outed as a member of the Rothschild family) as his “friend” and a “good CIA agent”. Comet doesn’t have a basement but Alefantis restaurant Politics and Prose does. Turns out the whole block where Comet and Besta pizza are located is owned by the Saudis. Prince Al Waleed bin Talal was stung up by his ankles by the new Saudi king, one of his wives canine out and said he was involved in child sex trafficking