A Message to My Countrymen: Grow the F**k Up

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I have heard it over and over since landing in America in January. I'll be describing some of the everyday nightmare I have witnessed abroad, doing my best to put into words the level of fear that permeates every aspect of every moment of the country I spent six years in, and some sanctimonious twit who has never left North America in their lives will nod pompously, pretending to understand, and say "well, we have that here to." I even had one moronic little twenty-something who was working for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at the time (she has since moved on to the West Coast and is currently one of the leading instigators in the Portland, Oregon riots) tell me "I guess you've forgotten how bad it is over here," while claiming to be worldwise because she had been to the UK twice for short visits and to Belize once for a highly-supervised, tightly-cloistered mission trip with a bunch of teens.
And even now, it stops me every time. Why? Because they have a point? No. Because I feel like the man from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," except that I'm trying to explain to the people in the cave that the outside world is worse. I feel like I'm trying to describe the desert to a fish, and the fish actually thinks he has a frame of reference to compare it to. Ergo, I have come to a conclusion.

America's problem... is that it's full of Americans.
And Americans, in turn, are full of shit.
So I have a message for my countrymen.

If you are one of the ones who have sworn that your rights are being violated because you are expected to wear a facemask before walking into this store or that one, I'm talking to you.

If you're one of the protesters who have decided that burning buildings and throwing molotov cocktails is fixing anything, I'm talking to you.

If you are one of the "Black Lives Matter" rioters pretending your movement has ever been peaceful, trying in vain to deny that there is an unspoken "only" at the beginning of your movement's name, I'm talking to you.

If you're one of the idiots waving Antifa's flag and deluding yourself into thinking you are fighting for a cause when you can't for the life of you name what that cause is, I'm talking to you.

If you are one of the Left Wing fanatics swearing Trump is ushering in a "police state" (because stopping you from tearing down every building in sight is a violation of your imagined "rights"), I'm talking to you.

If you're one of the Right Wing fanatics claiming Chinavirus-19 is a "Deep-State" conspiracy to put everyone under totalitarian rule, I'm talking to you.

If you are a minimum wage worker claiming your wage is "unlivable" while my relatives in the Philippines absolutely drool at the idea that there is a country where it is illegal to pay someone less than $7.25 (362.07 Philippine Pesos) per hour, or insisting your house with window air units and only one bedroom makes you "impoverished" while I would kill to get my children into a house that upscale, I'm talking to you.

If you are one of the underground journalists making laughable attempts to compare the current civil disorder in the US to the situation faced by the freedom fighters in Hong Kong, I'm talking to you.

And my message to every single one of you is this.

Get the Fuck Over Yourselves! You Have Never Been Oppressed!

Let's recap how we got here. First, there were months of lockdown. A new and frankly terrifying virus came whirling out of a Chinese lab (spare me the moronic denials, China) and wreaking havoc across the world. The US CDC, doing what they always do, has sworn each week that they knew everything that needed to be done and that everyone needed to follow their advice, never mind that this advice was usually the polar opposite of what they had said the week prior. The American populace, doing what they do, reacted to everything they heard from authority with suspicion, with each person looking over the conflicting information, picking what they wanted to believe, and swearing anything to the contrary was an attempt to take away their rights.
The result was several months when governments were saying "stay at home," but then adding "...please?" because the US government really gives very little authority to compel individuals. Nonetheless, there was tension. Because people resisted and wanted life to go back to normal, while the government said "we can't do that yet." People lost jobs, people's social lives were disrupted, and the vast majority of the population found their way of life uprooted, mostly losing little except their creature comforts (which, as I will show later, they value too heavily).
After months of this, a video came out of a man being killed by a cop. As always, the immediate response was that the Left screamed "Police Brutality" and others said "wait, let's see the rest of the video." Of course, the rest of the video came out and it showed that the cop was plainly out of line and the killing was a crime. The result? He was arrested. Yeah, it took a few days longer than it would for a civilian, because there is a stack of bureaucratic paperwork involved in investigating and prosecuting a cop. That's not "white privilege" or "police immunity," it's bureaucracy. Get accustomed to it.
But for a country full of people already on edge, with a cultural predisposition to reject authority already, this was all it took. Protests began, and just like the Occupy Wall Street crisis, the Ferguson crisis, and a half million others, it didn't take long for protests to turn to riots. And predictably enough, every single rioter swears they are a desperate freedom fighter, righteously resisting "oppression."
Well, as one who spent six years living in an ACTUAL police state, I say this to every pampered little white suburbanite out there waving cell phone cameras and banners and screaming like you're being tortured when you get hit with the same tear gas every soldier, cop, corrections officer or security guard in North America has to voluntarily endure regularly just for their job, I say this. Every, single, one of you, is full of shit.

None of You Have a Clue

You say you are fighting against "police brutality."
Bullshit! Where were you and your self-righteous cohorts when this Minnesota cop killed Justine Damond? I saw about four brief blurbs in two or three papers and then, crickets.


You say you are standing up for black Americans.
Bullshit! Tell that to this black American (a veteran firefighter) who worked for years in a career none of you have the guts to do, made more of a difference every day than the lot of you combined will in your pathetic lives, and had more courage in his left ass-cheek than you snot-nosed little fucks have among your entire rank and file, whose entire livelihood went up in literal smoke because of your God-damned "peaceful" protest. Tell that to this Jasmine Kelly, a black American whose sister was shot by YOU, the rioters! Terence Williams explained it perfectly.

You say you are fighting against "white privilege."
Bullshit! Look around at your pasty white fellow protesters and see which one of them had "white privilege" when tear gas started flying. Look like the notion of "the police don't do anything to white people" died hard when they shut you down.

You say you are fighting against "censorship."
Bullshit! The fact that you didn't have to jump any firewalls to advertise your openly seditious marches on US-owned social media casts that claim in doubt.

You say you are fighting for "justice for George Floyd."
Bullshit! George Floyd's killer was already on his way to jail before any of you even got wind of it. The only reason it took that long was because investigations against an on-duty cop have to be carried out by a higher jurisdiction of cop, which takes longer than it does for you or me. Also, when did mobs of looters and rioters become "justice?"

You say you are fighting against "Fascism."
Bullshit on top of bullshit! At this very hour, Hong Kong citizens are fighting for their very lives against a militant regime that causes people do disappear for years without benefit of trial for no crime other than posting memes critical of that regime. While they are standing up for this, the HK Police are firing live rounds at them and not a single cop in HK has faced a charge for this. In fact, they are getting medals for it. In America, every time a cop sneezes he is investigated. And you, with Starbucks Latte's in one hand and Marxist textbooks in the other, use the media you claim is being censored to advertise your intent, "peacefully" burn cities to the ground and swear it is "fascist" when the police fire tear gas (which has never, in history, killed a single Human Being, ever) to send you back home. The fact that a single one of you is alive after the rampaging reign of terror you have unleashed upon a country you never deserved to live in, disproves every single fucking word of your claim. In any other country on the planet, you'd have been met with tanks and machine guns (more on that later).


No. You are rioting for the same reason you rioted in Zuccotti Park, Baltimore, St. Louis, every brainless protest America has had in decades, and even three or four times a year for no better reason than the outcome of a fucking sporting event: because you are a horde of entitled little pisspots, bottle-fed the belief that nothing you do will have consequences, taught from the cradle to the grave that you cannot be told what to do, raging at the world because of your sad, pitiful, meaningless little lives, and you have your head full of self-important delusions about "changing the world," but haven't got a clue what you want to change it into, nor have you seen anything of what it is beyond the ivory tower you were born into.
This man from Tyler, Texas, hit the nail right on the head.


That, and nothing else, is what you are fighting for. whatever "cause" you have imagined yourself to have, the sum total of everything you are fighting for is solely and completely encapsulated in that caption. You believe you can do whatever you wish, and that there are no consequences for your actions.

The greatest irony of all is that today is June 4. This is the 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square, when protesters who never committed any of the acts of violence that have become your M.O, were rolled over by tanks. Not tear gas, not rubber bullets. Tanks. And you overfed, overindulged little first-world fucks, who no more have a cause than the rich schoolboys who took over a French University in 1832, have the cheek to act as if you are in the same category as they were, that what is being done to you is the same as what was done to them. If you tried the shit you are pulling now in ANY other country, you'd already have been slaughtered. I say that from what I have witnessed with my own two eyes.

And all the while, people living under ACTUAL oppression are even still looking at America with envy, wondering "what the Hell are they complaining about?"

The Solution

In China, the cops don't use tear gas, they use bullets and tanks. And they do this for for protests less violent than you. And the cops don't face charges for it, they are rewarded.
In Europe, you disappear into a jail if you post anything on the internet that is deemed "hatespeech" against the foreign rapists prowling your streets. And the cops who arrest you don't face charges for it. They get medals.
In America, you throw molotov cocktails for hours on end and finally the police say "alright, break out the rubber bullets and gas grenades." And if you manage to get yourself killed, the cops get investigated and arrested, despite the fact that frankly they were protecting themselves from you.

The rock-solid, ironclad, undeniable FACT is that not one single US-born US citizen in over a century has ever known oppression unless they went abroad to find it. Not one of you motherfuckers has a ghost of a clue what a police state is.

But you know what?
You need one.

I look around America, the land of my birth, and I am disgusted at what I see from my countrymen. "The System" hasn't failed. "The Government" hasn't failed you. You, the American people, have failed. Your failure began when you raised this generation of pampered little pustules. It was compounded when you praised their idiocy on Social Media by spamming their hashtags and making them feel like they were actually doing something. The problems you have are not a result of "systemic racism" or "economic unfairness" or any of the other buzzwords Antifa and the media like to throw around. The reason America is in chaos today is because to put it simply, the US Constitution has one, tiny, flaw. It only functions if the people governed under it have a dram of common fucking sense. And it is clear to me, that condition is no longer met.
None of you deserve the level of greatness you were born into.
None of you deserve the wealth and power that was your birthright by citizenship.
None of you deserve the rights you cherish.

You have never, ever, known oppression.
But you need it. You, my countrymen, have spent the majority of 2020 proving to the entire world that you do not deserve the freedoms that underpin your ideology. Every single one of you deserves the totalitarian boot you idiotically think you have already been living under.

Because you know what? In a truly totalitarian society, all this "I'm gonna gather as many people as I want and to Hell with any virus 'cause you can't tell me what to do" crap, wouldn't fly. In a truly totalitarian society, all this "I'm gonna break some windows and ambush some cops and burn down some buildings and then swear the cops are being brutal when I get gassed" crap, wouldn't fly. In a truly totalitarian society, all this "hey, let's spin the story to piss off as many people as possible and broadcast what we know is bullshit on the evening news so people will riot and give us something to cover on tomorrow's news" crap, wouldn't fly.

In short, if you spoiled, entitled little fuckwits were living under the kind of totalitarian rule you imagine yourselves to be living under, you would not be allowed to rip apart the country built on the sweat and blood of better men and women than you will ever be.

At this point, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I would rather be living back in fucking China!
Why? Because the US is worse?
Because when I lived among people who were ACTUALLY oppressed, they had more appreciation for what they have than the witless twits rampaging across America right now. I would rather live among oppressed people who think they are free, than free people who think they are oppressed.


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