Lindsey Graham - How does it feel?

in #news2 years ago

For years this country suffered because you refused to work as part of a team to make this country better. How many times did you and John McCain take the wind out of the sail of the Republican Party? How often, was a bit more TV time more important to you then getting what was needed done? How many times were you too scared to confront the Washington establishment and media to do the right thing. No democratic pretext was too flimsy for you to sacrifice the good of the American people for a few more minutes in the front of the camera.

I heard and agree with what you said at the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday and today. I am glad you said what was needed - well done.

But understand the current batch of attention seekers who call themselves Republicans - Flake, Collins. Murkowski, & Co are simply following the playbook written by you and John McCain. And the country continues to suffer.

Oh the irony !!!!


Oh so true.