and Hillary was not charged because?

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With all the spin surrounding the DOJ's Inspector's General report into the Clinton email investigation - nobody has explained why Hillary Clinton and her associates have not been charged.

The report found:

  • there was classified (secret) information on her server
  • the information was accessed by foreign governments
  • several people lied to the FBI during the investigation.

So please tell us - why have there been no charges !!!

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Apparently it is a "complicated" case. They were all using personal email (Obama, Lynch, Comey, etc.) in collusion with Eric Schmidt (according to Q) to skirt FOIA laws and operated without accountability. They thought they were doing this for "our own good" and hence Comey's ability to not experience cognitive dissonance when he goes around lecturing about ethics and leadership.

The Founding Fathers knew all about how power corrupts and that is why they put checks and balances into our Constitution. The Obama administration thought they were above it all and evaded oversight. This naturally leads to narcissistic insanity which is the behavior we are witnessing in the IG report. Even the Emperor of Rome had someone by his side to remind him that he wasn't a "god" so he wouldn't go insane.


It really is scary how close we all were to having to deal with her as a president... even though it would have been Huma making all the decisions while they kept the Clinton corpse walking for the cameras.


Very nicely said.

She’s innocent duh.....

🤮 ok saying that lie just made me throw up


That made me laugh - thanks for adding humor to the discussion.

You gotta laugh or you would cry.

Hillary was not charged since she has many friends in many high places


And knows the dirt on many


and thus friends in very low places as well

It's Hillary Clinton! Maybe she's part of some "who knows" group doing secret missions on planet Earth!

She's not being charged 'cause she's the leader of the mob who's members run the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA etc.
So who's going to charge her? It should be the GA Sessions but he's in a coma.
The fact that Trump hasn't replaced him make me suspect that he's also one of them in disguise.


Clinton cronyism and corruption seems to sum it up.

I personally believe that investigation is still on concerning this case...


I hope so, but I fear not.

I keep hearing on TV that the horse has bolted as far as the Clinton investigation is concerned.

I fume everytime I hear it said.

Simple, we have 2 sets of rules. One for them and one for us. It's that easy.


Lucky them.

The DOJ was heavily redacted so much that well educated readers noticed the superimposed text's differences in fonts.




The autists are amazing in their attentions to details.

To me it was things like putting the crime of "gross negligence", which Comey had changed to the nebulous term "extremely careless".

Also, how are they going to describe a series of crimes, yet only a single criminal referral for someone who was already busted.

yup, quite shocking, they lay out all the improprieties and then somehow conclude there should be no charges, WTF? Its like Comey letting off Clinton all over again.meme2.jpg