How the Water to Electricity Petros Zografos Free Energy fuelcell system is working from

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Hi All,
here I wrote the latest insights about how the Petros Zografos TerraHz electrolysis unit fuelcell , that uses
gunn diodes to rectify its TerraHz oscillations output to chopped DC conversion process works:

Here is the basic concept how the Zografos invention works..
It is really genuine ! Well done Mr. Zografos !

Have a look at this video from min 33:48 on:

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This is a power amplification, as the 2 fans draw much more power than the low MilliAmps galvanic currents for the 2 TerraHz RF 1 transistor pulse generators from the 2 dissimular metals in the box....

By the way, the Youtube Channel of Petros Zografos is:

His earlier videos are the most important ones...The newer are more about politics and the outlook about using this technology... It seems in the last month he is unfortunately a bit blocked by greek politics to keep quiet about this technology and it was said, that he he working on building a 25 KWatts system....
But now we know how it works and independant replications can start now...

This video is also intesresting of him:

An invention that aspires to change everything we have known so far to produce electricity and solve the energy problem was devised by a Greek research team. unveils this impressive discovery in order to succeed in recognition by the scientific community and to cover ... the distance between scientific laboratories and the production and distribution to the general public of application, with obvious benefits for the whole world. By using a particular device that uses only water - useful or brackish - a sufficient amount of electricity is generated to feed a small home. By analogy, the development of this technology can adequately cover the energy needs of appliances, homes and even cities, and all this with a small amount of the element that exists everywhere in nature around us, water...

Have a look at these Gunn diodes explanations:

It has a partial negative resistance, so it is an amplifier for RF frequencies and could probably also used
to rectify TerraHz or GigaHz waves with the right circuitry around it...

Gunn diodes basics, good explanations:

Maybe Zografos is also using
Tunnel diodes or simular diodes, that are fast enough to rectify this GigaHz or TerraHz oscilation:

Maybe he is also using Gunn diodes to maximize the resonance and then uses PIN diodes to rectify the RF to DC...

Okay, now here come some interesting RF to DC converter harvesting boards:

Maybe Zografos is using a few of these after using GUNN diodes with his piston capacitors to maximize the RF resonance and thus enhancing the RF voltage on the oscillations ?

These RF to DC harvesting boards go up to 6 GigaHz already:

Here is a PDF File about one of these RF to DC Power harvesting circuit boards with diagrams:

Datasheet of a Medium Power RF to DC harvester board:

This circuit could probably used to test the RF electrolysis output:


A novel microwave (MW) rectifier based on a diode array is presented in this paper. The diode array composed with sixteen HSMS-282 Schottky diodes is applied to enhance the MW input power. The proposed configuration improves the rectifier power capacitance from 20 dBm level of a single-diode rectifier up to 30 dBm level. The presented design is to use a diode array to replace a single diode without significant modification on the original rectifying circuit. When the input power is between 23 dBm and 33 dBm and the load is at hundred Ohm level, microwave to direct current (MW-DC) conversion efficiency above 60% is realized. The DC output voltage of the rectifier achieves 20.4 V at a load 600 Ohm, when the input MW power is at 30 dBm. The MW-DC conversion efficiency reaches 69.4% in this situation. The maximum power that the rectifier can handle is greater than 33 dBm. The measured temperature of the rectifier shows the power consumption distributed among the diode array evenly.

Correction : Zografos is probably using Gunn diodes to Generate this GigaHz or TerraHz pulse frequency to do the RF electrolysis and then uses Schottky diodes to rectify the RF power to DC.

As I pointed out there are already a few RF to DC power modules on the market that can reach about 60 to 70 % efficiency.

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