How would John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan handle North Korea?

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While the efficacy of Donald Trump still remains to be seen - Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan showed great leadership qualities in handling America's interests on the world stage.

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Ronald Reagan's political style and strength of character would evoke fear in a loose cannon like Kim Jong-un.
I maintain that Reagan would not accept threats from a country that represents a Cold War Communist Ideology

  • He would have presented an ultimatum to Kim - No nukes or no country - And he would have backed it up!

And of course John F. Kennedy showed us he was willing to risk all to deescalate the Cuban Missile Crisis -
He made it clear to the Soviets that - either they get the nukes out of Cuba or else prepare for war. He was not going to
compromise the security of the United States so Fidel Castro could further the Communist cause in the West.

And today we have an anomaly - A throwback to the bad old days of the Cold War where one power hungry egotist can upset
the world and destabilize the power structure to such an extent so as to create a World War Three {3} scenario.

If Donald Trump lets Kim Jong-un go unchecked as he fully arms his country with nuclear warheads and missiles

  • Then not only the United States but the rest of the World will be held hostage to a character who seems to come out
    of a James Bond movie where you have a determined villain shaking down the World - a pay or die protection racket.

So President Trump must act soon - North Korea now has the Hydrogen bomb and a missile delivery system.

Is it time for President Trump to get on the TV screen and do what Kennedy did during the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • They get rid of the nukes now of else ?!?!


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