The housewife in the Magdalade of the tree!

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33a936492a2c.jpgA bride making a jump in the cremation ground of Magdalen. Seeing this scene in the light of the morning light, the people of the area were shocked. Simultaneously, the cremation ground is 'feminine'. The crowd gathered there in groups to see it. The man with a mental equilibrium clashed on Saturday morning in Kalampur in Arambagh.
Local sources said that the housewife named Putul Chanda He got married two months ago. Her husband's fruit seller Home of Arambagh city ward No. 5 in Miyapara On Friday, the housewife suddenly became ill. Before leaving the house, the family went out of the house on Saturday morning. Around one kilometer away from the river Dwarkeshwar, to the cremation ground in Kalipur. Then there was a nimgayake up there. After a while the people of the area saw the scene and asked him to come down. But he got up and started to swing on the tree. Local councilor Pradip Singhrai ran away after hearing the news. He could not even try to get him down. He complained to Arambagh fire station and Arambagh police station. Then firefighters climbed up a tall laddie tree and got down the housewife. He has been admitted to the Arambagh sub-divisional hospital for treatment.