Seeing the 'ship' in the pond mining of Laksmipur

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005314Lakshmipur-Jahaj-Pic-(1).gifLaksmipur found that nearly two hundred years old "Portuguese ships" were found buried in the soil. On the excavation of a pond, a local man was seen in the 'Mastul' of the ship at Charfazul village under Charramiz union of Ramgati upazila.

There was a great curiosity about this.

The idea of ​​local elderly people, about two hundred years ago, is the spirit of sinking in the Meghna River. They say, this is the ship used by Portuguese. It may have valuable resources with wealth and weapons. The news of the diving of the earth is spreading in the neighborhood around Lakshmipur and Noakhali.

After finding out, three years ago, a man named Mahfuz, who was killed in river erosion, bought land in Charfazul village. For family use, he was recently digging a pond near the house. At one stage the ship's mast was seen. The news spread from village to village.

Mahfuz's son Md. Helal said that the ship's mast was seen when the pond was digging 10 to 120 feet deep. It was not possible to finish the pond. The excavation work is now closed.

Meanwhile, in the area of ​​the area to make sure that the papo boing with Mahfouz tube well mechanic Borring is done around two-three hundred feet area around the area. It can be seen that if the depth of 12-14 feet is deep, the pipe is trapped. Likewise, several times the people of the area have been boiling some places nearby to ensure that the large size 'ship'. Later, the Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) visited the spot.

Talking to the people on the spot, the pond work has been stopped for the last 10 days. Due to not able to cut the soil, the pond was stopped by the work of the pond. People are rushing to see the ship's mast from a distance. People coming to see photos on their mobile phone camera.

Bibi Adil High School teacher Abu Taher said, about two hundred years ago the body of the Charramajis union rose from the river. Later crop cultivation and settlement were developed here. Prior to this, a huge portion of the Ramgati upazila along with this river was the upal river. These rivers were huge with the Bay of Bengal. On this route, a large-sized ship used to travel regularly. Parthagijadas were also on the way. It could be a ship sinking at that time.

The inhabitants of Char Afzal village say, 'the ship' could be the Portuguese. Then it was submerged in natural disaster or accident. Later they could not be rescued. There may be valuable resources on the ship.

Sharif and Akbar, the Sobarnachar College of Noakhali told that they came to see the ship after receiving the news. The Archeology Department needs attention to this issue. In their studies, it is known, what is this and its details about its mystery and history.

Ramgati and Kamalnagar correspondent of daily Sangash, Sana Ullah Sanu writes a book on the history-heritage, archeology and historical issues of Lakshmipur. In relation to the search of the ship, he is convinced that it may be a Portuguese or Mughal period or a ship of Arakan bandits. Ramgati Char Rameez River has rose from the womb about 150 years ago. The ship may have been drowned in the river before.

Ramgati Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Ajgar Ali said, "We have visited the spot after getting the news. The matter was reported to the Department of Archeology. Viewing is important.