Boishakh touches the hilsa market

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ilish-inner20180408121956.jpgHilsa pantata if Bengalisai futile! The image of the first Baishakh emerged in the middle of Bengalis. Like every other time, the Bengali festival is celebrated in the heart of Pahela Boishakh. And only five days later, this traditional festival of Bengalis. So, in front of the festival, Hilsa is on the back of the breeze. Hilsa sells more than other fish in the market. Buyers are buying Hilsha as much as possible to show the occasion of Baishakh. Selling is high because the market is spreading in the face of the sellers.

On Sunday, some markets were seen in the capital market, shopkeepers were sitting on the market in front of the hilsa. Vendors are calling for the buyers to buy "Hilsa Khao Rupali-Rao Baishakhi". Mama liyya jaan, go to laiya. Reduce prices to diminay More prices will increase further. Now put it in the fridge. "

In the morning, on the opposite side of the BGMEA building in Karwan Bazar, fish market has seen that both Hilsa's presence and sale have increased. The price of each hilsa of 800 to 900 grams is being asked for Tk 1,600 to Tk 2 thousand. Hilsa of this weight was seen to be sold for a few thousand to one thousand 400 rupees a few days ago.

Two thousand to two thousand 200 rupees per kg of hilsa are being asked for 9 to 1 kg weight. Around 800 grams of hilsa have been sold for Tk 1,600 and 700 grams per kg for Tk 1,400. One kilogram of 100 grams of one kilo weight of 200 grams of big hilsa has also been seen in some markets. The price is 2 thousand 800 to 3 thousand taka per kg. And the price of kgs for two kilograms or near heels is being asked for 6 thousand 500 rupees.

It is learned that in the capital, the hilsa has reached the customer's reach three times. In the first phase, the owners came to get rid of. After that, whistles bought fish. From there, fish are sold in the retail market. Due to such a change, the price of Hilsa increased from 200 to 300 rupees.

Sukumar, a retail merchant within the Karwan Bazaar kitchen market, said the sale of fish still did not increase as expected. But the price will increase further in the next few days. Now we can buy the goods before that. Besides, fishing is not available at that rate. So the shopkeepers are trying to catch the market with the previous fish. We're also selling the previous fish.

He told that his hilsa is being sold from Barisal and Chandpur shops in his shop. He sold 400 pounds of pistachio hilsa to the weight of 300 grams. 600 pounds of pitch selling 500 grams of weight.

However, Burmese hilsa is not available in the market as other times, retail retailers said. The traders claim that Burmese hilsa can not enter the market anymore. Someone fears the fine, does not bring Burmish hilsa.

Sohan, a private worker who came to buy hilsa in the market, said to come to buy hilsa in the market. I bought one of them with 8 hundred taka. The seller says weighing 70 grams I do not know exactly how much it will be. But there is no anger at the price. Fish is not a Burmese, but a local hilsa.