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RE: WATCH An Orwellian BLUEPRINT For The West As Chinese Man Gets INTERROGATED For Criticizing Police!!!

in #news4 years ago

My social credit score is going to be a disaster... or maybe already is 😱


Ah :)) I was just want say same ... I think I can get 20 years in prison in China because I dare to think and ask questions, and if you are in prison, they can force you into forced labor or sell your organs.

Time to become a politically correct feelgood blogger? I'm not sure I know what that is...

politically correct - is designed to silence common people so that they cannot speak their mind directly unless you use the same words that politicians force on us so they can prevent others from contacting or interacting with you.

This is my words what I think ... but if you have more good text to say it ... then say . It is all time good to see what others think.

Oh, it's made to be silent ... so that's why he got so angry when I ask him if it's politically correct according to the Nazism political view.

Hmmm ... now I not see what you think 👀??
Can you describe more what you say?

If someone advocates politically correct, correct according to what political approach? Communism? Fascism? Liberalism? Socialism?

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