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Hi, I'm back after a long absence from Steemit. In all honesty, I have not at all been motivated to come here, as I honestly never know what to say to people here. What is there to say? How is it relevant to people? Nonetheless, I stick to inspiration, and allow it to

In today's world, youth is admonished to "change the world", "make a difference" and "find your life purpose".

One finds it practically everywhere In modern literature.

Here is a viewpoint that may strike many as a bit uncomfortable, but maybe is worth your consideration...

Humanity, when we examine its motivations, does not desire a "better" world, in which peace and harmony reigns. With radical honesty of the observation of the human condition and behaviours, we observe that peace actually goes against the interests of virtually all people (not just leaders or tyrants, but ordinary people too).

Peace in the world means that social movements and groups are no longer relevant or necessary. No ideologies of the world are relevant anymore. People would lack the kind of excitement and aliveness that they used to get in a danger-filled world.

We also note that people secretly "love" to hate, to be offended, to make other people "wrong" etc. These ways of being are so entrenched in the human condition, that we don't even realize it.

Therefore, it is important to realize that we don't really want a world of peace, love and harmony. We want a world which validates our own viewpoints, even if they are ones based on negativity.

This may provoke inner anger and upset for some people, but that is not the intention.

When people speak of changing the world, what kind of world do people envision? Seeing as there are around 7.6 billion people on this planet, and seeing as humans have different perceptions, beliefs and cultural views, what does "better" even mean?

For some, it means a world where there is no Capitalism. For others, it is where there is free-market capitalism everywhere.

For some, it is a world where Islamic Sharia Law rules everywhere. for others, it is a world where it is a secular, humanist place.

You get the picture. How can we change the world in a way that is harmonious, when there are many others who wish it to be totally different? Who is right? Is anyone right? Is anyone wrong?

If peace, harmony and love is not the true intention of the human race, how can the world be "changed" for the better?

That is all for now. I will let this settle, in order to not give too much information, and continue writing about this another time.
God bless, and have a lovely day.

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