Antpool and began to procure blocks with SegWit support !!!

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While the bitcoin community continues to actively discuss the fixation of the proposal to improve the BIP 91 protocol, there was one more - in many ways unexpected - event: the mining pools Antpool and began to produce blocks with support for SegWit.

Congratulations to all the good news, bitcoin to the moon !


I think there is more to the story. These guys didn't just change their minds about Segwit. They are only signaling which doesn't really do anything if you intend to change clients later. (to bitcoin-abc)

Ask yourself, why are both Bitcoin Classic AND Bitcoin Unlimited spending time and resources developing clients to fork off with Bitcoin-ABC if they plan to run segwit on all their miners??

Also, I've talked to these guys on other channels - there is going to be a hard fork to bigger blocks on Aug 1, and it will take about 50% hashpower with it.

Maybe it just takes time, I fully support them and I'm very glad that they did it, I do not doubt that now the bitcoin price will conquer new heights.

They definitely haven't changed their minds. They are only signaling to keep things moving.

Frankly, I do not see anything wrong with it, we will soon see ...

Chain splits are a great thing. Play your cards right and you can walk away with a whole lot more money.

Please advise how to properly play them?

I would hold both immediately after the split. The banks will pump the segwit coin to try to give it legitimacy while dumping big block coins . Time it right and you sell pumped up segwit coins for cheap big block coins.

Thanks, not a bad way to earn extra money :)

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Bitcoin to the moon.

That's great news. Other cryptos will be following the uptrend :)

Yeah thats right )