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Lahore: Environmental pollution and climate change not only affect humans but also wildlife. Many species of birds in Punjab suffer from the risk of mineral and their growth is also changing.

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Dr Zulfiqar Ali, the director of the WLLWL, director of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Zoology Department of Punjab became a problem for the globalization, the world has 668 types of birds and millions of birds of 380 species visit thousands of kilometers from Siberia and the neighboring states every year Arrives, their arrival is completed in the middle of September and return March, but this time there has been a month difference in the return of unexpected rainfall. Thousands of immigrants turn on Punjab's lakes and river passages, their returns can now be completed in April.


According to Bird Life International, more than 40% of the immigrant birds have fallen in the world, during their 30 years, their population has declined significantly, many of them are careless. Due to human activities, due to human activity, there is a lack of stomach and unhealthy connectivity, including turtles, ribs, poultry, bucks, corners, hans, nail heads, skirbobs, mugs and other aquatic birds. . According to Naim Bhatti, director of the department's Department of Wildlife Protection Department, the use of different poisonous air pollution and the use of various types of poisoning is not contained by many kinds of birds and frozen species, zoo, turtle, mina, tile, black and thorora butter, bubble, fungus, lions, jugno , Trousers and dragons fly.

How small was it? Its final report is not available, but the survey will be conducted in future, so that the exact number is estimated to be saved from the mineral. Climate change has also affected her enchantments, the appearance of various types of climbing, turtle, butter, mina, chilli, bubbles, flowers, and flowers started from the end of February. Now the promotion will be completed at the end of March.

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On the other hand, the experience of enhancing the artificial environment of monetary wildlife in Punjab has been successful. In 2005, with the help of WWWIFF and Pengwald Wildlife, the energies of donkeys made in Chagamanga were successful in achieving 6 children with hard work for 14 years. According to the director of the program, Hassan Ali Sikhra said 8 kinds of donkeys were found in Pakistan, whose generation is over, wholesome donkey is the most rare. According to the 2009 survey, they were only 50 in Sindh's capital.

The number of donkeys were placed in the form of dangers, the first success in 2012 was found and children got out of their homes and their homes. He said the substance gives an egg in the past year, not necessarily a child from every randy and survived alive. These compounds have been found to have goats and rabbits for donkey food, while donkeys are also given them to eat, Amida will produce more children than eggs this year, when their number goes for a long time, will be left in a specific area where it is natural. Enhances the environment.

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