The End Is In Sight For The Failing New York Times

in news •  7 months ago


Newspapers are dying, partly because of technology, but mostly because of pandering to fake stories planted by special interests. The days of hidibg the truth are numbered. These big institutional propaganda arms are failing big time. It’s too bad that the NYT forgot how to do objective investigative journalism years ago.

Print technology is dying off whether we like it or not. The fact that newspapers have to complete with the internet now is clearly showing that in a free market of ideas the truth will always win.

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It's funny. I was reading about Robert Goddard, the father of the space age, and they had an article the NYT had published about him in 1920 that was a fake news hit piece claiming he was an idiot for suggesting that rockets would work in space, even after reading his research findings. They didn't print a retraction for 40 years. As long as there is a CIA or something like it that wants to spread propaganda and disinformation the NYT will be there.


Interesting point about Robert Goddard. Also it was the nyt that led the way in lying about chemical weapons in Iraq.


If you read about Operation Mockingbird its pretty clear little has changed since then.