Is this the tweet that starts WW III? steemCreated with Sketch.

in #news6 years ago


Okay, this is over the top. What do you think?


I will say Donald Trump lacks international diplomacy and politics. The issue on Syria is a diplomatic issue and not all abouts launching missiles and war.

Then his next tweet is about working with Russia to fix the economy and to "end the arms race". He's being pulled in two directions. The establishment wants him to sign off on their war in Syria.

Only if WW3 is fought via tweet and social media.

Then we can feed the trolls and not just the vultures and carrion beetles.

I'm unclear about what you mean. If POTUS follows through with this blatant threat Russia cannot back down without losing face.

I'm saying I'm perfectly comfortable with WW3 starting if and only if it is fought via Twitter.

We can agree on that.

Although, Putin could come through this looking like the only adult in the room. (metaphorically speaking)

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