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RE: The Shift Towards Business With Little To No Humans

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This is really an interesting and serious topic in my eyes, bringing a lot of problems and thoughts into discussion. Unemployment is already a big concern and everything points to automation.

Anybody should watch the following video, which is about quantum computing:

where Geordie Rose is telling us, that computers will outperform humans in every aspect regarding work in a few years.

From my point of view there are at least three possibilities to solve this problem:

  • Taxes on robot-work while humans who are unemployed get paid from the state by unemployment benefits. (Both things are heavily discussed in German politics right now)

  • Augmentation technology for humans, to be able to compete with robots or other humans that are already augmented. (This things are coming very fast)

  • End capitalism and realize, that we have to live in a harmonized way

I would say, that point 3 is highly unrealistic, because I doubt that the elite and politics will do the right thing. What concerns me the most is, that I have the feeling, that nobody is actually asked if they want this, while all this is payed with our taxes.

These are actually the resources of us all, and everybody should think about wanting their children to look like this:



The problem with machines is that they have no conscience. What is wrong with this lawless Soceity. We must usher in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. This is our Hope and the only way to do that is through Sons and Daughters of the Living God. Which starts with the Believers here on the Earth.

I agree, we are living strange days right now. In the end it depends on us all if this future will come. In my opinion there should be massive peaceful protest, when we don't want things to happen. We are one people.

Yes if this world would figure out we are in this together, no matter if we are Jew or Gentile , White or Black or Red, orange or yellow, male or female , we must unite and make a stand for what is right , Life and Life more abundantly. Light always overcomes Darkness. We must Shine in these Last Days.

True words!

True words...

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