Gunned Robbery Attempt to Bitcoin Exchange

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An attempt was made to steal a Bitcoin Exchange in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa police reported that 1 person in the attempt to steal is arrested and 2 people are still being searched.

The initiative was carried out by three armed men

According to CBC News, Tuesday morning there were four employees in a Bitcoin stock exchange in Ottawa, Canada, and three men came in with guns. Thieves attempted to transfer money to their accounts from the exchange's, employees threatened by their weapons to help them, yet they were reported to the police by another employee, whom the criminals didn't notice he was there.

The police said one of them is arrested in the statement. Armed robbery and forced detention charges will be brought against him in the court. The police did not publish the names of the criminals.

CBC News reported on Facebook that criminals searched also for physical money but could not find it.

Similar events happened before

The New York District Prosecutor's Office had accused Louis Meza for robbery and kidnapping, who lived in New Jersey and allegedly stolen more than $ 1.8 million in November. Victim claimed that the Meza forced him to hand Meza his mobile phone and private codes he used to access to his digital purse.


lovely post @mstfdmn

I guess even criminals know the real value of Bitcoin. Funnily enough they are more accepting to Bitcoin than our government.

Great story but the oddest story I have ever read an armed robbery for a currency that you cannot see or touch. You would have thought they would have maybe tried a hacking tactic to make such an attempt, I am however glad to see that they failed. Thank you for sharing.

Interesting - Give me your codes, what happens if we are all chipped..cut your hand off? Upvoted..

If all they had to do is get access to an employee's computer to transfer to their wallet. It looks like institutions holding large amounts of it are gonna have to put security procedures in place to prevent that kind of attack from being successful.

Lol. Id choose bitcoin anytime.

Some people are just ultra stupid, you went to rob a place that deals in intangible coins but searched for physical money and to their surprise, they couldn't find any, Really??? I guess you got to cover all your bases.

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Great addition !
As usual, you do a great job . i follow you now , upvoted and resteemed.
I am impressed.

A Bitcoin heist .... makings of next hollywood movie

Everybody is after those damn Bitcoins.

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